Is Prenatal Imaging Safe? Everything You Need To Know About Prenatal Ultrasound!

This is one of the basic questions that one has to ask when it comes to prenatal imaging safe. Every parent keeps the health of the baby on the top priority. Luckily, in all the studies conducted by the FDA and the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists), there is no way that ultrasound or prenatal imaging is harmful to a developing fetus since they are not using any kind of radiations or x-rays to conduct prenatal imaging. So, for the first question, prenatal imaging is safe. 

Now that we know that prenatal ultrasound is safe, let’s understand more about prenatal ultrasound. Here are a few things that you should know before you book an appointment with a prenatal ultrasound center. 

Understanding what prenatal ultrasound is? 

Prenatal imaging is one of the safest tests to get the image of the baby in the mother’s womb using sound waves. This is the procedure that is often carried out in the three-trimester stages of pregnancy to track the development of the fetus. 

Why should you consider getting prenatal imaging? 

Apart from watching your baby grow at every stage of pregnancy, there are several benefits of prenatal imaging that you must know about. These benefits include – 

  • Confirming the date of delivery
  • Detecting pregnancies outside the uterus
  • Checking the growth rate of the fetus
  • Guiding doctors if other tests are required or not
  • Finding structural problems including anencephaly, syndrome, etc. 
  • Recording the heartbeat and breathing of the fetus

Above all, because it is an overwhelming experience to see the beauty of birth. 

The best time to get prenatal imaging

The second most common question that people tend to ask is when to get prenatal imaging. The number of ultrasounds you need is decided by your doctor. Usually, the first ultrasound is carried out in the first trimester (11-14 weeks) of pregnancy. The second ultrasound is done between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy by then you would know whether the growth rate of the fetus is normal or not. During 18-20 weeks, you can also determine the sex of the baby. The third ultrasound is done during the final trimester of the pregnancy in which the doctor will examine the position of the fetus and the placenta. Not just this, in the final prenatal imaging, you can get to know if the baby is getting enough oxygen, have smooth movement, tone, and heart rate, etc. This makes sure that everything is right with your baby. 

Hence, clearly, it is important to get the prenatal imaging done. 

There are several ultrasound centers that you can go to but finding the right one is very important. Fetal Fotos is one of the best prenatal imaging centers for you to get your prenatal imaging done. Right from tracking the growth of your baby to finding out the sex, prenatal imaging can be the best thing for the parents to experience. So, wait no more and make the appointment with the best prenatal imaging center.