Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Since vaping burst on the scene, you may wonder if it is a healthier alternative to smoking. The evidence continues to show that smoking causes harm, while vaping may help increase lung capacity or reverse lung damage. Vaping also makes consuming your favorite guilty pleasure more accessible, discreet, less intimidating, and travel-friendly within legal parameters, of course. With a new audience of vapers, there are sure to be some lingering questions about vaping versus smoking.

Vaping as a Stress Reliever 

When you are feeling stressed, vaping can substitute that craving to have a smoke break. Long-term stress can cause serious health issues, and if you often reach for a cigarette during stressful times, you can cause even more harm to your body. 
Researchers linked that stress and anxiety increase due to smoking. Vaping can help relax your mind and ease tensions. When you inhale the vapor, the body releases information to the brain to slow down. It is crucial to find a CBD vape juice that actually work and further enhances the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, it creates a relaxing sensation and can help you refocus. Since you can vape almost anywhere, managing stress during the day becomes more effortless. 

Vaping Can Lower Risks of Illnesses 

If you vape in moderation, the scientific research says it is safer than smoking and does not increase the risk of harmful lung diseases or cancer.  Vaping shows promise in eliminating severe lung damage and decreasing respiratory issues. 
As a result, vaping alleviates side effects such as coughing, building up of phlegm, and tightness in the chest associated with smoking. Even long-time smokers can make the switch to vaping and see significant improvements in their overall lung health.

Be Wary of Smoke 

One of the most significant risks of smoking is the harm from the smoke itself. It contains harmful chemicals, and it releases them when you burn the substance.  The user inhales the smoke, and toxins enter the body. Most smokers hold the smoke in their lungs as part of the experience and to have the desired effect. 
However, keeping the smoke in your lungs increases your exposure to tar building in the lungs and can cause respiratory issues. Chronic smoking can lead to bad coughs, bronchitis, air pockets in the lungs and chest cavity, excess mucus, wheezing, and weaken the immune system.  
In vaping the substance is heated to high temperatures to release the only beneficial ingredients. Since you do not burn the substance but heat it, you inhale vapor instead of smoke which is less damaging to your lungs. 

Smoking Causes Long Term Damage 

Scientists have tracked the harmful effects of smoking on the body for decades. For example, smoking cigarettes can lead to long-term illnesses such as COPD, infertility,  diabetes, and cervical or lung cancer in more severe cases. 
The longer you smoke, the greater the risks of harmful diseases. Cigarettes contain over 600 ingredients, and when burned, they release over 7000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals are poisonous and linked to cancer. 
However, vaping liquids usually contain fewer chemicals or toxins and overall less harmful than direct smoking.  
When it comes to vape versus smoking, the verdict is clear. Science has linked smoking to terminal illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. While early research shows, vaping can be a possible healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping allows you to indulge without the harmful side effects. You can vape recreationally to relieve stress. Also, you can use it medicinally to manage chronic pain and illnesses. Vaping deserves to be a relaxing and pleasurable experience, no matter the reasons.