Jewellery Trends 2018

Jewellery is one thing that will never go out of style and something that always incites the desire to say ‘Just one more’. It is something that gives a woman a sharp edge look. The key element to a woman’s appearance, jewellery has the power to transition the look of a woman to completely traditional to completely classy and dapper.
Jewellery trends so far have been ever- changing and been evolving with a touch of modern every time they change. But this time, the scenario is going to be different. The jewellery which had a downfall might return back with a touch of glam and will be seen in the fashion industry. Fashion connoisseurs will be adopting some trends that were in style in 90’s and also some trends that are completely quirky. So, the jewellery trends in 2018 will be a blend of different times. A brief of what trends will be admired in 2018 is what this post will reflect.

Asymmetric earrings:

Earring have the potential to make a statement. 2018 is going to be all about asymmetric and mix and match earrings. Quirk is turning into basic these days and fashion fanatics are turning towards asymmetric earrings. The mix and match earrings will have different designed detachable hangings which can be interchanged and a completely new ear ring can be made out of the same tiny pieces. These earring are certainly going to rock it this year.
Apart from mix and match earrings, different shaped hoops will also be in. These will help you pull off the look which would add a personal touch and which will speak volumes for your vogue. Different shaped hoop is to be worn in each ear and something so unusual does not fail to grab the attention of anyone. This trend is surely to hit the ramps and might stay around for long.


As old school as they are, they are also that cute trinket which can add an extra bit of glam and attraction to your look. Anklets had been trending in early 20’s but they are regaining the popularity and making a place in the jewellery boxes. This summer, you can flaunt your ankles with a single chained anklets or a bead attached to them. These anklets are sure to add a chic and trendy look to your outfits and to make this summer about light and modern jewellery.

Chained Necklaces:

Chained necklaces are the piece which will be the adornments in 2018. Geometric shapes like circles, squares and triangles linked together. These necklaces are going to set a trend this year and are going to rock all those party nights. These necklaces can also give a look of punk and add a touch of ‘cool’ to your look. Also, thick chained necklaces will not require a pendant as the thickness itself will work like a charm.

Chained Necklaces

Shoulder Skidding Earrings:

Shoulder skidding are another type of earrings which will help you make a statement. These earrings if worn alone, would not fail to steal glances. 2018 is going to be a year for different types of earrings, trendy and chic and elegant. These earrings, dramatic enough can complete your cocktail look too. They will redefine your evening look.

Yellow Gold Jewellery:

Yellow gold jewellery, which had been off the markets for past few years is now coming back in trends rapidly. People are demanding for yellow gold jewellery which helps them get hues of vintage. Also, yellow gold is pure and does not need to be adulterated with other metals to get the color. This jewellery is something that can be worn with all the outfits and can make you look beautiful regardless of the occasion and outfit. Also, the brides are opting for yellow gold engagement rings and these rings are to make a comeback. Yellow gold jewellery is surely to stay around for a long time.
So these are the jewellery trends which are going to followed in 2018. The blends of different times are going to earn the attention.