Jewelry Designers: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Popular craft selling sites like Etsy have made making and selling jewelry popular. Selling beautiful bespoke handmade goods is a wonderful idea to turn your hobby into a business. Yet with such an available market ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd is a challenge.  
As a jewelry designer, it’s your job to craft attractive pieces. However, that is not enough. Your brand as a whole must also be unique to grab buyers’ attention. 
To be successful in this venture, it’s crucial you make a statement. Below we have explored four ways you can model your jewelry design business to ensure you stand out. 

Choose a Brand Ethos 

A brand ethos is a crucial part of your business’ identity. It lets people know who you are and what you’re about. Buyers love to get behind something they can relate to or a cause they deem worthy. For example, if all your items are made from organic or recycled materials boast about it. Then aim your future advertising towards the benefits this has and your commitment to the environment. 
There are many themes for your brand ethos. You must first decide what matters to you. To further this concept, you could donate a small contribution of your profits from each sale to a charity

Advertise Giveaways and Competitions 

Giving away your product or a small gift after every purchase may seem counterproductive to your profit. However, consumers love the idea of freebies. Uncertain shoppers are often more inclined to buy if they receive something for free. It creates the feeling that they are getting a better deal. Plus, many people will share images or circulate your adverts on social media for the chance to win a competition. 
By doing these things, you will gain a broader audience engagement. Plus, you will leave a lasting impression on buyers, which will spread rapidly by word of mouth.


One of the biggest mistakes jewelry designers make when selling their items is using generic packaging. It will undoubtedly go straight in the bin when the buyer or gift receiver takes out your product. By customizing your boxes, bags, and tissue wraps, your items are already screaming high quality before they’re even opened. 
Customers will also be more likely to keep a hold of the packaging and reuse it. This is not only good for encouraging future purchases but also good for the planet.  Custom packaging companies like Deepking suggests that drawstring bags are perfect to use again, making them environmentally friendly. 

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

The most paramount tip is to use all the modern tools possible for a strong digital advertising campaign. 
To begin with, using social media is a must. Platforms like Facebook will allow you to use images for advertising your products. Taking high-quality pictures of your products and posting about your brand’s ethos are all critical steps to building a strong brand following. Plus, you can use your account to encourage engagement. The use of hashtags and polls has high statistics for driving traffic to your site, resulting in sales.

Final Words

You may already use one or more of these ideas to boost your brand. Yet combining these tips to making your brand stand out has many advantages. By creating a strong social media presence, you will cast a bigger net for potential sales. 
Furthermore, using customized packaging and hosting competitions showcases your brand as superior among others. It also cements you in the mind of buyers as a reputable business that is high quality and here to stay.