Keep It Cool with Split System Installation

What is split system? It basically refers to spilt air conditioner or simply split AC. It primarily comprises of two main units i.e., the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed behind the wall or on tne outer region of the place you wish to install the AC. This is to check that the temperature of that particular area goes down & it remains cool. The compressor, the condenser coil and the capillary tube are the main body parts of the outdoor unit, while the indoor unit comprises of the cooling coil, long blower and an air filter.
The split system serves as the ultimate source of relaxation in hot and sultry weather. When the humidity reaches an unbearable level, it’s this AC that comes to the rescue. It is advantageous over other AC’s as it does not require other major installation work because it needs no ductwork. The indoor and outdoor units have connections of electrical wires and tubing between them. This is to provide less resistance to flow of electricity. These features cause the environment relatively less harm and are also cost effective.

When to opt for a Split System Installation?

The installation is not a difficult job for its maintenance but it also it is a very crucial part. So installing this AC needs to be done very scientifically to ensure the desired cooling effects, otherwise poor results are sure to take place. This can also lead to serious electrical and mechanical obstructions of which the most prominent is that of leakage.
Installation of split system AC must be carried out when you have given the responsibility to a professional, who is an expert in this field. It is advisable to install the indoor unit of the AC directly above the bed to obtain the maximum cooling effect from the AC and thus better worth of your money. The indoor unit of the AC should be installed when you have adequate space to mount your AC unit on your wall.
The installation of the indoor unit of the AC should be carried out when you can place it in an area devoid of direct sunlight, heat sources, and chances of gas leakage. Also, it should be installed when you have at least a 7” distance above the ground. There should be a minimum of 6” open space surrounding the top and the sides.
For proper maintenance and smooth functioning of the AC the above measures must be adopted.

Points to keep in mind for Split System Installation

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  • Dimension of the Room: This indicates how spacious the room is which implies to how much area needs to be cooled.
  • People in the Room: Human body is capable of producing, exchanging as well as emitting heat. So a greater number of people in a room will increase the temperature of the room, thus the AC is set to work accordingly.
  • Furniture and Fixtures in the Room: Every item in an AC installed room gets heated up. So the more furniture you keep in a room, the more electricity and power will be consumed by the AC.
  • Windows: Windows are a source of letting the heat in and moving the cool temperature out of the rooms. So windows must be well installed and properly closed to reduce cooling load.
  • Walls facing the Sun: They are a source of direct sunlight and heat. So, the wall on which the indoor unit is planted should not face the sun as it will increase the cooling load.

Harsh Weather: The outdoor unit of the AC must be weather resistant. It should be able to withstand cold and rainy weathers, without having to cover it because as it is mounted behind the wall. It is cumbersome to take precautions during rough weather.