Kitchen Wall Decor Tips | Minimalist Design For Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. From planning meals, entertaining your guests, and discussing issues or trying to catch up with everyone after a long and tiring day, you can literally do a lot of things in your kitchen.

Remember, your kitchen is more than your sleek appliances or dining table and we know you don’t really care about the design of your kitchen, but the thing is, you need to, especially if you are spending more than 3 to 4 hours inside it. To help you design your kitchen, we have created a list of kitchen wall decor ideas so you can go with a more minimalist design. 

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Minimalist Design:

All White

This one’s a classic. 

An all white kitchen design is one of the best wall kitchen decor ideas that you can go with if you are trying to go with a minimalist style in your kitchen. Try to paint your walls white and add some amazing cabinets that compliment the color of your wall. 

If you already have white kitchen, try to paint your wood white or add a center “Island” table with a white marble counter to match everything! 

Kitchen Wall Decor

Low Maintenance Tile 

If you’re looking for modern kitchen wall decor ideas, then low maintenance tiles are pretty amazing. 

The best thing about low maintenance tiles is that they are dirt and allergen resistant, resistant to bacterial and microbial growth, water resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant and are extremely easy to clean. Not only that, but they are pretty affordable and easy to find! 

Kitchen Wall Decor

Bold Cabinets 

We know we said minimalistic design, but the thing is, you can go with a bold yet minimalistic kitchen cabinet when designing it. Remember, colorful kitchen cabinets are timeless and they can help you make everything in your kitchen stand out in a way that they never did before. 

If you’re planning to go with a minimalist yet colorful kitchen, then we would suggest you to go with a popping color, which includes green, blue, and even red! 

Hanging Lights 

Hanging lights are amazing if you have a center table in your kitchen or if you are married or are in a serious relationship with someone. 

The center table and lights in the middle can make everything more romantic, especially during date nights or when things are about to get serious. It also adds a minimalist touch to your kitchen!

Kitchen Wall Decor

Large Appliances In Grey, Black Or White 

If you’re trying to add new kitchen appliances, we would suggest you to go with ones that are available in grey, black or white colors.

Why these colors? 

These colors are considered by many as the holy trinity when it comes to minimalist designs because they go well with any color that you throw at them. For example, black and yellow, black and white, red and white, grey and black, white and grey along with countless more combinations. 

Wood Details 

Giving out details is also important in your kitchen, particularly the woods that you have. You can give your kitchen a minimalist and rustic look by simply going with white and wood colors. 

We would suggest you to add pendants, brass details, and woody accent colors in different shades with a white kitchen. This can help you go with a modern yet classic minimalist look! 

Kitchen Wall Decor

Chalkboard Wall 

If you love cooking and planning, adding a chalkboard wall is important for your kitchen. If a wall is too big, then make use of the small extra space your kitchen has and add a chalkboard there.

Adding a chalkboard on your wall can help you list what you will be making throughout the week and list down some important notes or reminders so you cannot forget about them for the upcoming days.

Wall Display

Wall displays are amazing these days and are a must if you have an amazing collection of fine plates or kitchen utensils. 

Having open shelves can help you show off your amazing kitchen utensils. You can fill up the open shelves with your glasses, liquor collection and amazing or expensive herbs and spices that you have.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Stain Resistant Paint 

If you love cooking or spending a lot of time in your kitchen and have open windows all the time, then having stain resistant paint in your kitchen is a must. 

Why stain resistant paint?

Well, it’s because stain resistant paint can withstand discoloration and will not absorb paint or stains. Not only that, but this type of paint has a coating that prevents stickers, posters, and other materials or substances from sticking to the surface. 

Stain resistant paint is also easy to clean, especially if it has residues. 

Did we miss out on any decent kitchen wall decor ideas? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!