What Do You Need To Know About Back-End Developers?

What Do You Need To Know About Back-End Developers?

Each website or application consists of two components, namely the user side and the visible interface, as well as the logic and the back-end, and the back-end is responsible for the latter. Among technological positions, Front-end developer is a very popular profile. If you are interested in this area, then in this article we will look at what you need to know about Back-end development and how to become a professional in this field.

What is a back-end developer?

When talking about web development, there are many aspects to consider, and when we talk about backend development, we mean working on the server side. The backend developer is responsible for what’s behind the user interface, i.e. the logic on the server side, including processing the data that makes the network or application work properly. If you have been looking for a specialist in this area for a long time, then we recommend you contact the professionals at https://devoxsoftware.com/hire/hire-back-end-developer/.

Although they work hand in hand, the challenges that a Backend developer faces are different from those of a Frontend developer, so they need to develop certain skills to achieve their goals, such as mastering the relevant programming languages.

Programming languages ​​used in Back-end

When programming on the server side, certain languages are very useful and can be applied according to the project being carried out, so it is important to know and master them. Some of the most used currently:

  • PHP, about 80% of sites use this language on the server side, some of them are WordPress, Etsy, Facebook, and Wikipedia, so if you want to devote yourself to the Front, you should master it. You can find many useful courses that will show you what to learn if you want to work in PHP.
  • JavaScript is one of the most commonly used for both front-end and server-side, but more robust than PHP, so an advanced level may be required.
  • Java is another very popular alternative that is usually used mainly for application development.
  • Python is very useful and usable, easy to learn, and with frameworks that can make tasks even easier.
  • Ruby, while not one of the most widely used, is simple, versatile, and essential in some projects.

What does a back-end developer do?

When a program, website, or application is used behind a friendly user interface, there is a great deal of complexity in the codes and data that makes it work properly, and the BackEnd developer is responsible for achieving it, among its features are the following:

  • They use tools, frameworks, and languages ​​to develop and maintain websites and applications.
  • They conduct quality tests to optimize network and application performance.
  • They analyze the performance and speed of the platforms.
  • They are responsible for managing the databases associated with the server (creation, maintenance, and administration).
  • Solve problems or errors that may occur in the operation of the platform

Why Is It Popular To Become a Backend Developer?

Technology is constantly evolving and has made this area of ​​work one of the best available today due to the high demand that exists. Because of this, web developers are in high demand, and since people need websites that work properly, working as a backend developer is a great alternative.

While training in this area can take time, it offers a lot of flexibility to learn, as well as many well-paid offers that make working as a backend developer truly meaningful.

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