What makes good crossover, 4×4 & SUV tyres? 4 factors worth considering For Shopping

Ever noticed the rising number of crossovers, 4x4s and SUVs on the road nowadays! A few years back, there were only a few manufacturers offering such vehicles but time changes really quick. Almost every major automobile manufacturer releases a grander and advance version of early releases, integrating vehicles with the latest technology and safety features.
Just in the Europe, crossovers, 4x4s and SUVs now account for almost 25% of all the cars sold being a preferred choice for people previously dig hunchbacks and luxury cars. And due to the different nature of these vehicles, tyre requirements are also unique so here’s what you need looking at when out to buy SUV tyre.

  1. Driving nature & type of road

These two factors would help determining the best tyres for your SUV. If you’re accustomed using the vehicle for the school run, tyre professionals recommend tyres build specifically for city-centre driving. While there’re cheaper alternatives, premium tyre manufacturers should be the first choice since safety of both the vehicle and passengers is a priority.
That being said, look for features such a perfect road grip or traction and optimal handling in almost every situation. Ensure the tyre delivers short braking distance on both dry and wet surfaces without compromising the smooth driving experience as well as improved rolling resistance. All such features helps in reducing fuel consumption as well.
Tyres such as these are manufactured specifically for road use thus offer quiet and comfortable drive with additional benefit of less fuel consumption. Tyre compound matters most and one particular factor that delivers all this is low rolling resistance. These are also safe for light adventures and off-road driving but excessive rough driving would compromise safety and longevity of the tyres.

  1. Frequent off-road drive

We all remember the world conqueror for off-road; Land Rover Defender from where evolved the concept of off-road driving and development of likewise tyres. If you drive frequently in the fields, loose tracks or on open land, you need to buy SUV tyre with extra gripping or traction. Such tyres offer increased traction even on wet surfaces and superior braking, improved durability and quieter drive. Of course, you’ll be riding on paved roads where optimum performance matters most which these tyres promise.

  1. Original Equipment (OE) tyres

Original Equipment or OE tyres are those manufactured by the vehicle producer and fitted with the 4×4, crossover and SUVs at the time of purchase. Since the vehicle and tyre producers have invested significant time and precise features for perfection, your vehicle performs best in all circumstances.

  1. Driver’s safety

Ongoing research and development alongside driver’s safety programmes significantly reduces fatalities, accidents and injuries to bare minimum. Premium tyre manufacturers also contributed towards well-being of both vehicles as well as drivers since tyres are the only source of contact between the road and car itself.
When SUVs, crossovers and 4x4s are concerned, these vehicles are far heavier than average cars that also demand for special tyres. So make sure you fit the right ones for optimum performance and maximum safety!
The article is offered by Falken tires in Middle East.