The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza: An SUV for the Indian

The most challenging aspect of introducing a car in India is the fact that, the manufacturer should meet the price and feature demands of the segment. In each segment, from entry-level hatchbacks to even luxury cars, the competition is quite fierce. This is due to the fact that India happens to the fourth largest auto market in the world, and also the fastest growing one at that. These factors mean that it is a lucrative market for any big auto manufacturer in the world, yet many come here without the right strategy and see failure rather quickly.
Lately, companies such as Jeep have found modest success, but there are very few who can compete with the unrivalled success of Maruti Suzuki. The manufacturer was one of the first to enter the country and since have dominated the market, with competitively priced vehicles across all segments. However, when it comes to the SUV market, they have seen moderate change and their only ray of hope seems to be the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. This car is the namesake of the older, more powerful sibling the Grand Vitara, and is here to dominate the sub-4-metre segment.
The SUV comes with a 1.3 litre Fiat sourced multijet turbo engine, which uses a variable geometry turbocharger, as the engineers call it. These give the car a respectable 89 brake horsepower of output and nearly 200 nm of torque. The Brezza only comes in a 5-speed manual transmission, diesel engine. There are new automatic models releasing soon. The car is meant to be a crossover but the high ground clearance of 183mm gives it a superb road presence.
The car is designed like its elder sibling, the Maruti Vitara and has a rather large bonnet, and swept back headlamps. It also has other features such as fog and projector lamps. The car also follows a two-tone colour scheme and comes in red, black and blue. The only complaints about the car are the lack of ABS+EBD and passenger airbags as standard. These are instead offered across the models as add-ons. Another pushback is the lack of boot space; the Brezza has a mere 328 litres of boot space, which is small compared to its competitors.  
The pricing of the car is what sets it apart from the other models, and it comes in at a respectable RS.7.29 lakhs. This is a car that provides you with the SUV experience at a fraction of the price you would generally have to pay. If you are tired of the same old sedan or the hatchback in your garage, it might be time to switch it up and get a hold of this sub-4-metre beast. The neat styling, the great road presence, the powerful engine and the super affordable pricing all make the Brezza quite an enticing purchase. The Brezza is a car bound to make an impact on Indian roads for the foreseeable future.  There is a reason why this car dominates the segment. If you have your doubts, take a test drive today and rid all your fears.