McKenzie friend and their work

A McKenzie friend is a person who talks in court in support of a party that does not have a legal lawyer. They assist the party in court in many countries like England, New Zealand, and Australia etc. Traditionally, McKenzie friends were family members or family friends who were there to provide support to the litigant free of charge. With time this thing grew and now there are some professionals who work as McKenzie Friends and charge for the support, help, and assistance they provide. They sit with you in court and advice you in different situations. They also provide support and take notes of all the things going on during the court hearing for using in case.

    Since many companies provide online support for hiring McKenzie friend for handling all the situations of court and help you out during the courtroom hearing in front of a judge. A McKenzie friend is different from a legal advisor as they do not involve in proceedings of court by themselves but just avail the party support and legal advice. Some points to understand about the McKenzie friend:

  • They are very helpful when the cost of solicitor is not possible to pay. As they are cheaper to hire than lawyers so it is money saving to hire a McKenzie friend.
  • A professional legal advisor or a lawyer is there to help you in proceedings of court and nothing more as they are professionals and this is just a job for them and they are definitely emotional attached to you or your problem. On the other hand a McKenzie friend provides you moral and emotional support because of being less professional and more personal to you.
  • They provide you with best legal advice according to your situation after understanding the matter from the viewpoint of a family man.
  • They are always improving themselves thus helping you in court more efficiently. They create and collect effective information from court which can be very helpful during hearing.
  • There are generally two types of McKenzie friends-
  • One who understand the legal system and its working and have experience in this field.
  • One who has faced some legal cases same as yours and thus has experience in this field from their own experience.

    In solving family issues, from last few years people prefer the McKenzie friends who can be any family member or a friend. And being related to family they do not charge any fees and also provide the party moral support.

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