Fred Glynn – Why Do Council Members Need Good Listening Skills

Being a member of the council and serving the community entails a lot of effort and hard work. The residents and the other leaders of the community expect a lot from you. This is where you need to place their priorities first to get the desired results. Serving the community has its challenges, and it is definitely not an easy job. However, with specific traits, you can invoke the community’s trust to make positive changes for their welfare.
Fred Glynn is a widely respected and popular councilman of the Hamilton City Council. He is responsible for looking after the community and maintaining relationships with everyone in it. He is an experienced professional in the world of finance, sales, marketing, and mortgage. He uses this valuable experience in managing fiscal budgets for the community, planning and approving appropriations that are requested. Being a businessman for more than 15 years has helped me to learn effective management, selling, and marketing skills. He has been in the banking, insurance, and mortgage industry. With his business acumen, he has successfully built two lucrative companies that gradually grew to become extremely profitable and successful ventures. 
Listen and ask questions 
The Council member should actively meet the residents of a community. This entails a lot of hard work. You should allow them to speak and ask them about the feedback of your changes in the community. Every council member should have the courage to hear criticism and manage it professionally. There are residents in the community who will be happy with your work, and again there are others that might not be too happy with what you do. The goal here is to listen to both sides so that you get insight when it comes to introducing new reforms for the welfare of the society as a whole.
Take care of yourself to help others 
When you are serving others, this does not mean you forget about yourself. You should take sufficient rest and sleep in order to manage the affairs of the community better. Nutrition is important as you will be active on the move most of the day. Emotional maturity is essential for good leadership, so make sure you do not get carried away with emotions.
Fred Glynn is popular for his effective leadership skills and his credibility in the society. He is well-respected in the community for the good work he has done. He believes in listening to everyone in the community so that the major issues can be taken care of with the right action plan. He also says that when you listen more, you can also get feedback from the community about some problems you might not be aware of. It is here that you effectively are able to make the necessary inquiries, plan out strategies and, with the consent of the other members of the council incorporate measures to arrest them and improve the quality of life for the community with success.