Memorial Gift Ideas to Honor the Death of the Loved Ones

If your dear one is grieving over the death of their family member, then give them a gift that offers condolences. The gift should keep the memory of their loved alive and can heal those who are left behind. However, choosing what to give can be a real challenge, but here we have mentioned some of the memorial keepsake ideas that can be used as a condolence gift.

  • Personalized Photo Frame

You can send your condolences by honoring the memory of a loved one by giving them the photo frame. This photo frame may include the precious memories or the favorite photo of the loved one which can be personalized to show your sentiments.

  • Memoria Garden

Giving the memorial garden as condolence will offer them comfort and peace so that they can heal from the grieving experience. This memorial garden can consist of flowers or herbs of different varieties will grow in the memory of the person who passed away. If your loved one was a nature-lover, then give them a beautiful memorial garden.

  • T-shirt Quilt

If the person who has passed away was into sports, then you convert their favorite sports t-shirts into the quilt. The t-shirt gifting will give a personal touch to the condolence gift.

  • Beautiful Portrait 

You can give a funeral portrait to your dear one who has lost their family member. This portrait may contain a digital picture or the hand-made painting of your loved one.

  • Memorial Ornament

You can give the glass or any other metal ornament to your dear one so as to honor the memory of the dead person. One can hang this gift on their home wall, window or the tree so that it sees the light.

  • Book Collection

If your dear one’s love reading and has a favorite book or author, then you can give their family member the collection of books. Reading is considered as one of the best forms to heal, and by reading the favorite book of the person who has passed away, you can get closure to their character.

  • Wind Chimes

Most of the people believe that even after death, their loved one never leaves them. If you also think like that then you can remember them with the blowing of the wind. Yes, we are talking about wind chimes; you can give these to the family of the deceased person so that they can think about them every time the wind chime makes the sound.

  • Memory Teddy Bear

The more sentimental and personal gift will be the teddy bear as you can use it for cuddling it while grieving the death of your loved ones. You can create this teddy bear by using the clothes from the wardrobe of your dear one so that you can feel and smell them at all times.

  • Photo Frame Wreath

You can collect favorite pictures of a loved one and then put them together to make a bigger frame. You can take the assistance of a Funeral Printing Consultant to get the photo printed of every size so that you can create a beautiful photo frame wreath.

  • Photo Vases

If you want to give a unique gift, then you can use the Photo vases which include a photograph of the dead person in a creative way. You can use this vase to keep your favorite flower, and by seeing this vase, you can surely smile by remembering the memory of the deceased person.

  • Tree Plantation

Honor the death by planting the tree, and it is one of the best ways to remember the loved one whom you have lost. You can watch the tree grow, and with each growth, your cam remembers your dear ones.

  • Donation

You can donate the clothes of the person who has passed away in the charity. Even you have the option to donate cash in the charity so that it can reach the people who need it.
The memorial keepsake ideas given in this blog will help you in choosing the right memorial gift so that your loved one can remember the one they lost.