Mens Cotton Shirts Manufacturers And Manufacturing Processes

This article shall not begin with an introduction of what a shirt is probably because you have quite an idea about an item that is a part of your clothing on a day-to-day basis. This article is not about the destiny of a shirt after it reaches you rather it is about the destiny of the cotton till it reaches to your hand as a Cotton shirt, or to say it simply this article is a story of men’s cotton shirts manufacturers and manufacturing processes.

Where is a shirt made?

Well, to be precise, though the technique is same and the process too, as it all starts as a customer places an order an then the process of manufacturing and follows by the delivery, there are two kinds of places where a shirt can be made:

  • A Tailor-shop in which you will be able to get your shirt ready, though tailoring shops do not involve in mass production and take up orders directly from the customers.
  • Men’s cotton shirts manufacturers in which there are companies involved who mass produce cotton shirts for various stores and the customers visit these stores to get their best-suited shirt.

In this article, the main limelight will be on the manufacturing companies and their methods of production of cotton shirts because this age is of readymade shirts.

The Process:

  1. Placing an order: It all starts with the Manufacturing companies or the tailor-shops taking the order in which the customer specifies the requirement

Till now, both the process for normal tailor shops and factories are the same, but they differ in some of the manufacturing processes as one is for mass production, and the other is not.

The process continues as follows:

  1. Material Accumulation from Sources:
  • For Tailor-shops:

Customers provide the cloth pieces to the tailor, and the tailor takes suitable measurements of the customer to provide good fitting. The other requirements, like that of threads of suitable color and buttons, are fetched by the Tailor.

  • For Manufacturing Companies and Manufacturers:

They make their shirts to provide to shops of both indigenous and foreign trade. For that purpose, they make ready-made shirts in which all the requirements are fetched by the employers of the company, and the shirts are made with designs fitting the present generation’s trend.

The sizes too are fixed according to international standards and shirts of fixed sizes are available.

  1. Cutting of the Fabric:
  • For Tailor-shops:

The Cutting of the fabric is done by the tailor using basic equipment like Scissors.

  • For Manufacturing Companies and Manufacturers:

They arrange all the clothes to be cut in some basic shape or patterns accordingly and cut the shirts.

For check shirts, they cut the fabrics with accuracy such that after stitching, the checks match for the sleeves, cuffs, and shoulders and as well as for other parts of the upper body.

  1. Stitching the Assembled Parts:
  • For Tailor-shops:

The Tailor sews the shirt along with the collar, pockets, cuffs, etc. using sewing machines and one shirt is completed at a time.

  • For Manufacturing Companies and Manufacturers:

In manufacturing industries, once the shirt parts are assembled there are many tailors who see to each sewing part with some specific design for a particular shirt and hence resulting in good quality and faster sewing execution producing the mass-manufactured product.

After the Manufacturing, the process comes to the finishing process in which the shirt is provided with buttons, and then they are provided to the customers for the tailor-shops, and manufacturing companies, the shirts produced are shipped or delivered to a store or for export from where the orders came from.

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