Mistakes Bodybuilding Beginners Often Make

Bodybuilding is not only about weight lifting, it is a lifestyle that demands your time, commitment, self discipline, and proper guidance. Big arms or muscles are just a show to compel you to crave for that lifestyle. That show is usually successful to attract people to the gym but few are able to continue with that lifestyle. Everybody can’t give what bodybuilding demands. No doubt, it is a healthy lifestyle. But can you leave the junk foods, your bad habits, and untimely sleeping routine ? Can you do one exercise for a thousand times until you get perfection without getting bored or can you sleep at a particular time and get up at a particular time without missing even a single day? Are you committed to eat only what is needed to your body not what you want for taste ? This lifestyle demands sacrifice of all your loving but unhealthy habits. If yes, let’s start conversations over the mistakes that beginners usually make.


  • Train Without Trainer: One of the biggest mistakes the gym beginners make is training without proper guidance. People are filled with over information as they watch various gym videos. Without noticing that everyone is not on the same page even at the beginning stage. As a human tendency, everyone wants to achieve things very fast and consider only those gym goers who are professional and try to train with them. It is not only a mistake but also a dangerous thing for them. They can injure themselves by becoming so naive. Some of the beginners do the training with those guys who have different fitness goals. For instance, you are weight gain and you are doing the training with the one who is in the lean regime. It will only injure your body without giving any benefit. So, always do the exercises under the guidance of an instructor. Only he has knowledge how you can gain your fitness goals at a very limited period of time.


  • Supplements: Everybody can’t afford every supplement which you see in advertisements. So, picking the right supplement is everybody’s priority. Usually, our purchasing habits are influenced by our peers, not by our needs. Supplement is not untouched with such influence. You purchase protein supplements, weight gainer protein, or any other supplement, not because any nutritionist suggested you but your friend is taking that particular supplement. Taking supplements without consulting a nutritionist can lead you to no results. For instance if you are so skinny, what kind of supplement should you take. Many people stay confused between weight gainer protein, protein and mass gainer. Only a nutritionist can tell you which is the best suitable supplement for you. So, take a consultation with a nutritionist before hopping to any supplement. 


  • Stretching and warming up: Before starting any exercise, the body needs to get in active mode. Stretching and warming up are excellent ways to do so. Many beginners underestimate the importance of them. Or they do wrong types of stretching and warming up exercises. For instance: It’s your chest day, you can’t do squat and leg stretching for that particular body part. Warming up includes low weight exercises at first and stretching, before jumping the heavy weight or main exercises. Even after main exercises, if you do the stretching exercises, it will help your muscles to get recovered very fast. Massage is one of the best ways of relaxing the muscles. If it is done after your main exercises, you can have more benefits than stretching. 


  • Rest: There may be many meanings of rest in exercises. Lets decode them one by one. Beginners take a longer pause than needed between the sets of the exercises and engage in social media or just talking. A 30 second gap is sufficient between the sets. The muscles in the body start getting passive if you do this much gap between the sets. After the intense exercises, our body needs proper rest to get recovered. Sleeping in the best way to give the body a proper rest. Without proper sleeping your muscles can get injured for no reason. 


It is quite common to do blunders if you have not sufficient knowledge about some particular things like bodybuilding and you want to achieve that anyhow. But it is not only about making blunders or making fun of yourself. You can hurt yourself badly if something goes wrong. You can injure your lower back which is quite a common complaint among the beginners. So, always be careful while trying anything new in the gym. Don’t push your limits suddenly. Take time and then move ahead slowly. All the best.