Monster Bars Vape | Know the Reason Why It Tastes Burnt

Smoking cigarettes has an unpleasant taste, but that must never happen with vaping. On the contrary, vaping experience should never leave you with a scorched, bitter, or otherwise unpleasant aftertaste.

In particular, if you experience this for the first time using Monster bars vape, Flum puffs, or any other devices, and you’ve never gotten anything but a burnt taste from the device, you may feel apprehensive. As a result, resolving the problem is crucial, as your first time vaping should be a positive one. If you don’t, you might as well start smoking again. Know below the reason and how to prevent this issue.

Why Does My Vape Have a Burnt Flavor?

Identifying the root cause of the burnt flavor in your vape will be the first step in fixing it. If you’re reading this, it’s because every inhale of your Monster bars, or  Flum disposable vape produces a scorched aftertaste. Therefore, this is not an occasional problem but rather a persistent one. If you’re a seasoned vaper, you know that a new pod or coil will fix the problem. 

There are two potential causes for a persistent burnt taste in your vape.

When you inhale Flums puffs, the coil either gets too hot or dries out, and the cotton wick catches fire. Vaping, in this instance, will taste exceedingly unpleasant, like burnt cotton.

The heating surface of the coil is covered in e-liquid buildup. You may tell the residue is getting thick because it’s starting to catch fire as you use your gadget. In this instance, the flavor of your e-liquid will be overpowered by a “caramelized” or “burnt sugar” taste.

The Ways to Keep Your Monster bars or Flum Vape From Having That Burnt Flavor As a result of Condenser Coil Gunk

The most prevalent cause of a burnt flavor when vaping is the residue of burned e-liquid, often known as coil gunk. Because sucralose, a common ingredient in today’s e-liquids, doesn’t evaporate but instead caramelizes and burns at high temperatures, e-cigarettes can’t be used safely. All tastes can cause coil muck over time, but sucralose is especially bad.

Assuming that muck on the coils is the primary cause of premature failure, what can be done to prevent this? If that’s the case, there’s an easy fix: switch to a less sugary vape juice. Most commercial e-liquids now contain sucralose, but if you look around, you can still locate some that don’t. When using e-liquid without sucralose, the coils will last noticeably longer before they produce a burnt flavor.

Avoiding a Burnt Flavor 

Always prime a fresh coil by applying some drops of e-liquid to each of the cotton’s exposed surfaces before installing it. The e-liquid is more likely to reach the wick’s core if you do this. Wait 5-10 minutes after refilling the tank with the e-liquid to sink into the wick thoroughly.

If your vape mod allows you to adjust the power, we recommend starting with a medium setting. Take note of the recommended wattage range stated on the coil’s side before installing it. Start with a modest wattage setting and only go higher if you’re still not happy with the flavor.

Never take a puff without waiting a few seconds. When you inhale from your vape pen, the coil heats the e-liquid in the wick to create vapor. So now the wick is dry, and you risk burning the linen if you puffed on the device again so soon. Please allow the wick a few seconds to soak up additional e-liquid from the pod or tank.

In conclusion, your vaping device, whether it is Monster bars vape, Flum vape, or any other available in the market, must not taste unpleasant. If you are experiencing this issue, you can easily rectify this using the solution given above.