Nick Chubb Missing NFL season Sends Shock Wave Among Fans

On Monday night, Cleveland Brown star  Nick Chubb was carried off the field due to a knee injury against the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to Browns head coach Kevin Sefanski, Chubb may miss the season.

While playing the second quarter at the end of a 5-yard run, Chubb crashed into the Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. As Fitzpatrick tackled Chubb, Chubb’s legs twisted terribly. 

Following the play, one of Chubb’s teammates tried to make him stand, but Chubb clutched his left knee. He turned over onto his side after removing his chinstrap. Back in 2015 he has suffered from the same injury and has a dislocation with three torn ligaments. 

Chubb stayed down for a time as his teammates gathered to pray close by. He finally departed on a cart. Before getting wounded, Chubb ran for 64 yards on 10 attempts. Later Jeromr Ford replaced him. He scored 3-yard instantly after Chubb’s exit. Ford then raced for a 2-point convert to make the score 11-7 in favor of the Browns.

Many NFL stars including LeBorn James wished for Chubb’s speedy recovery  on social media. Also some of the former members of the team such as Baker Mayfield and Sony Michel wished him.