Taylor Swift’s Google collaboration for a vault song hits a ‘Glitch.’

Taylor Swift's Google collaboration for a vault song hits a 'Glitch.'

Fans are left frustrated in their quest to solve the Easter egg puzzle series and discover the title of Taylor Swift’s new “1989” (Taylor’s Version) song due to technical issues.

The pop sensation Taylor Swift on tuesday send a virtual easter egg puzzle to her fans in collaboration with google, so that they can solve and unveil the new “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” title track- But it seems they have to face feeling of frustration instead of excitement while solving the puzzle because of the technical glitch. 

Last month while performing in Los Angeles Swift made an announcement of her upcoming “1989” re-recording which includes her unreleased songs. Vault songs also have been added for the fans who play and purchase the albums.

In the past, Taylor Swift unveiled vault tracks for “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” through a video featuring jumbled letters.  

On Tuesday, Google announced a brand-new feature for its search engine that consists of 89 puzzles that fans may solve to discover Taylor Swift’s newest song names one by one.

Google stated, “By collectively solving 33 million puzzles, you’ll be assisting Swifties worldwide in breaking free from the mystery (or unlocking the vault). That’s the process for uncovering the vault track titles!”

The excitement for some foreign fans started on Saturday when they discovered a tiny blue vault emblem when searching for “Taylor Swift.” This only heightened the excitement as Swifties eagerly anticipated the vault’s significance.

As players entered their solutions into the search box, further puzzles would be revealed. The puzzle began with the vault displaying a twisted version of Taylor Swift’s future album title.

However, many fans believe that there has been a glitch because they are unable to move further despite looking for the solutions.

Fans shows their frustration via their twitter handles