Questions To Ask Before Signing A Life Plus Ndis Meal Provider Contract

When it comes to providing meals for someone with a disability it can become confusing to pick the right NDIS Meal Provider. As there are many meal providers available for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) recipients, it is important to do some research. In order to help you out we can suggest one and that is A Life Plus. Still you can consider a few important questions before signing a contract with a NDIS Meal Provider.

What is Included in the Meal Plan?

When you’re thinking of signing up with a NDIS Meal Provider, it is important to read through the contract and make sure that their menu and meal plan are suitable for your recipient’s needs. It is also important to ensure that the meals meet the Dietary Guidelines, and that they are nutritious and balanced. Some A Life Plus meal plans may also include snacks and drinks, so make sure you get a full understanding of what is being offered.

What is the Pricing Structure?

When selecting a meal provider, you should ensure that you know all the costs involved. Most NDIS Meal Providers will provide their pricing structure upfront, so be sure to read this carefully and ask any clarifying questions before signing. It is also important to check if there are any additional fees or delivery charges that may be applicable.

Do the Meals Meet Dietary Requirements?

A meal provider should be able to provide meals that are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of the recipient. You should ask questions about how the meals are prepared, and if they can accommodate any special dietary requirements such as allergies or vegetarian options.

What is the Quality of Food?

As a NDIS provider, it is important to consider the quality of the food that you are providing. Ask the meal provider whether their meals are made fresh or frozen, and if they use sustainable ingredients. It is also a good idea to ask what the meal plan delivery process is and how they manage food safety and hygiene.

What is the Delivery Process?

Most NDIS providers will deliver meals directly to your recipient, or to a pick-up address. Ask about delivery times and if there is any extra cost involved with this service. It is also a good idea to check how long the meals stay fresh and if there is a minimum order required.

Do They Offer Customisable Meal Plans?

If you have someone with a disability who has special dietary needs, it is important to ask if the meal provider can provide customisable meal plans. This may include meal plans based on a recipient’s specific nutritional needs, as well as meals tailored to their tastes.

Do They Provide Any Other Services?

Some NDIS Meal Providers may be able to provide additional services such as meal preparation or shopping assistance. It is important to ask what other services are available so that you can make sure the meal provider you are considering is a good fit.

What Level of Support is Available?

When choosing a meal provider, it is important to assess their level of support. Ask about how often the keto diet meals and other meals are delivered and if you are able to contact them with any questions or concerns. You should also inquire about any monitoring that takes place to ensure that your recipient is receiving the best care possible.


When selecting a NDIS Meal Provider, it is essential to ask the right questions before signing a contract. Asking questions about the menu and meal plan, pricing structure, delivery process and any extra services available, can help to ensure that you select the best provider for your recipient. It is also important to assess their level of support and to ensure that their meals meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Taking the time to ask these questions can help to ensure that you make the right decision when selecting a meal provider for your NDIS recipient.