Few How-To-Do Things by Using Reusable Custom Bags

While visiting any trade show, you must have received many custom reusable bags, which may be lying unused and you may not know whether to throw them in trash or make use of them.
Besides taking these Custom Grocery Bags for your shopping, perhaps you do not find any other application and as a result they are occupying lots of space in your drawer.
So, here in this article we have come up with few awesome ideas so that all these extra bags that are lying unutilized for so many years will suddenly become a very useful item for your household.

  • Plant tomato plants in them

Though it may look little unconventional, but these bags can be great upside-down planters. All you need to do is fill it with mud and dirt and hang it up. Then cut small slit in its bottom, large enough for inserting the plant’s roots. 
Keep it always watered and your potted plants will grow more quickly as compared to ground.

  • Use them as your beach totes

You can carry your sunscreen, sand toys and flip-flops in the bag that you can hang near the door and all you will do is grab it before you go. You may also like to throw in few soothing after-sun lotions as well.

  • Use them as your diaper bags

Instead of spending $20- $30 on your diaper bag, you can use custom reusable bags obtained from your merchants, which was lying unused. Just save your cash, which you can use in buying toys for your kid.

  • Put your gym clothes in them

Instead of duffel bag you may take such bag to the gym and also take the bottled water and protein bars.

  • Use them as your dance bags

You can also use them as dance bags for your children who will carry their dance shoes and leotards in these reusable bags rather than buying fancy bags from the market with pictures printed.

  • Carry all your knitting projects

If you like knitting then use these extra bags for holding all your knitting stuff.

  • Use for karate class

If you are regularly going for karate class then these bags can always be used for putting your pads into these bags.

  • Carry your books

For school going children, or even teachers, you probably need to carry lot of books and these bags can be a good way for carrying all those. Even for college going students, these bags can be useful to carry their books.

  • Decorate them

In case your bags are in good condition then instead of throwing them into trash, you can always decorate it by using glitter paint, rhinestones, or anything else that you can find.

  • Pack your picnic lunch

For picnic goers too, these bags can serve well for taking few sandwich fixings, vegetables and fresh fruits, chips, or anything else that may sound good to you and you can head for your nearest park. 
These are just few ideas, and you may explore many more ideas of your own too.