Role of Green keeping in Maintaining a Golf Course

Golf, without any questions, is a gentleman’s game and maintaining a golf course is a task. The golf course in every case needs to be quite appropriate for the playing conditions. Weather does play a major role in green keeping a golf course. This is what makes it challenging yet a rewarding field.
The Greenkeeping of a golf course depends upon several conditions including the weather as talked above. There are other factors as well but those depend upon size as well as the standard of the golf course. The number of the Greenkeepers varies as per the size of the golf course. A large golf course, without any doubts, requires a team of Supervisors along with the assistant trainers to maintain it nicely and keep it well organized. In order to reach the topmost position in Greenkeeping, adequate qualifications and training are required.
Mowing a Golf course is not as easy as it appears. It is in itself a task for a greenkeeper and when it is a spring or summer season, the job turns into a challenge for these people. This is because, during the spring and summer time, the grass grows to its maximum height. Golf course needs to be green all around the year and thus it becomes necessary to maintain it. The grass of the course is required to have a length of 3 mm or 5mm.
The golf course equipment plays a vital role in maintaining a golf course. To maintain the height, a Mower with the triple-cylinder is needed and is brought in use. In the earlier days, it was used to be pulled out by the hand, but now certain equipment is used that makes the job a bit easy. But even today, when the weather is rainy, using a Mower is not advisable.
The green surrounds, tee boxes and the fairways are some of the other parameters that add to the beauty of the golf course. All these three are maintained using a cylinder mower. But to maintain a Fairway is not possible with a single Mower. A minimum of 5 Mowers is required to clean a fairway as the area is really huge and maintaining the playable conditions is not a child’s play. All these three need to be worked upon 3 times a week.
The rough area which is not a suitable condition for a golfer needs maintenance once a week. In contrast to the Fairway, the rough area needs less maintenance. So, in place of a cylinder mower, a Rotatory Mower is used here.
Other small jobs such as changing the holes or shifting the pin positions need less attention as compared to mowing. Bunker ranking and edging is an essential requirement. A machine called as bunker rake is used to rake bunkers or sand traps.
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