Safety tips while making new friends online

Research claims that every individual spends approximately 24 hours minimum every week looking online for friends from mobile phones, computers and other such gizmos. So, it’s not an uncommon concept or weird ( to say of it in a cooler language) concept if you are wishing to consider this way of making friends. Some say friendship is just about pampering one other with some best friend gifts on occasions like friendship day or friendaversary. While some say it’s about holding one another in times of crisis.
As you haven’t met any of these friends of yours in person, it goes even without saying that you need to be careful or safe while doing so. Some of them might end up pretending to be exactly similar to you but when you meet them in person they are all new different kinds of person. Take for instance when you said to them that you are a spiritual person and they even claimed to be the same. But when in person you gifted them a beautiful Ganesh murti their face showed their reaction is a complete opposite to that of a Ganesha devotee. No doubt, virtually meeting someone could be more fascinated than meeting that person face to face. But you need to keep a few things in mind when you go on a friend hunt online to ensure you are protected. And in this sense, don’t worry folks we have got you covered with this article. 

  1. Use Trusted Apps Only – There are many such apps, these days which have been designed for people who are looking for friendships without confusing it with some romantic relationships or flings. But all of these apps are safe to be used by one. Now the question is how to know whether to use this app or not? Simple, check the profile verification process of such app mentioned in the description of the app store. For example, Bumble BFF uses Facebook accounts for verification purposes to ensure that no fake profiles are being made. 
  2. Restricting The Personal Info – Some people don’t feel quite comfortable to share their personal information publicly over such apps. Hence, they give a person the option to upload a mini bio depicting their interest, likes and dislikes on the basis of which other person who has similar preferences can approach them. And only after theri approval both of them can start to get to know about them. 
  3. Do Your Research – Before you make any account start by doing elaborate research to figure out which app can provide you a good fined and can at the same time, protect your information from getting leaked by someone random. Check out the reviews of various customers before downloading and making an account over such an app. 
  4. Trust Your Instincts – This may seem like “easier said than done” but it is true. To play along without getting hurt online you need to trust your instincts. Make sure you judge the person before he/she has got the ability to hurt you in some or other way. If something about the other person makes you feel uncomfortable or odd, then make sure to end the conversation without even explaining. If he/she is not the right fit, he/she is not the right fit. Trust that! 

So, these were some tips to remain safe while making friends online.