Say Good Bye to Back Pain Caused by Your Office Chair with These Posture Tips

Office ergonomics has become one of the biggest improvements in the labor sector. Before office ergonomics became a mainstream employment idea, employees have to endure unhealthy and uncomfortable workplaces, and employers have no idea about the benefits of providing comfortable workplace to employees. However, in the past decades, the tune of the employment industry has taken the side of employees – thankfully.

Today, it is basic in the Australian employment sector to provide workers with comfortable workplaces and utilities. If you ask an office cleaning services Sydney professional, he or she will tell you that employers are becoming more and more accepting about the idea of ergonomics as they have come to realize what it can give to their employers and eventually, to their businesses. As it is, it is not uncommon to see offices with comfortable office chairs, office desks, office tables, couches, and other office furniture.

Since office ergonomics has been proven to be effective in improving the work experience of employees, more Australian employers are realizing the benefits it could give to their businesses’ productivity. Employees who are free from bodily stress are likely to work in a more sound and relaxed mind thus promoting productivity. Stress-free employees have the tendency to do their work tasks faster and more effective. With these factors, business owners can expect upsurge in productivity once their employees are motivated and comfortable.

Investing on ergonomically designed office furniture is not the only way to provide comfort to employees. Your office may have all the most comfortable office chairs, office desks and tables but your employees do not know how to properly use them – ergonomics is not achieved. In order to fully maximize the benefits of ergonomic office furniture pieces, you would want your employees to practice proper posture while working. The following are some of office posture tips to alleviate body stress while working:

  • When sitting on office chair, make sure to use the arm rests to avoid stressing your arms
  • Place the chair’s lumbar support just below your waist line to provide optimal comfort to your back and spine
  • Adjust the chair’s height to your height, making sure that you feet are on the floor, providing comfort and eliminating stress
  • Leave at least one to three inches between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees to achieve comfort on your back and knees
  • While sitting on your chair and in front of office desk, position your hips properly so that they are slightly more elevated that your knees while your feet are on the floor
  • Move your feet from time to time to avoid stressing them. You may move them around and avoid crossing your ankles
  • Do not stress your upper arms by hanging them naturally from your shoulders
  • When using office desks, make sure to keep your wrists straight to avoid tiring them quickly, especially when writing or typing
  • It is suggested to take a 10-minute break for every hour of work, and 30-second break for every 10 minutes of work. Use these breaks to stretch your muscles in order to prevent stressing them
  • Do not stay on a single position for a long time as it could result in stressed muscles; it is suggested to change your position frequently

Office ergonomics can only be maximized and achieved if employees are provided with comfortable office furniture like office desks and chairs, and if they know the basics of proper posture. Furthermore, if the workplace is spick and span, you will enjoy working in it. This is why it is important for employers to hire office cleaning services Sydney companies to get the job done. If you are an employer and you want your employees to experience maximum comfort while on duty, you may want to conduct a mini seminar about proper posture so your employees would know how to avoid stressing their bodies and minds while on work.