Some Simple Tips to Avoid AIDS

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is actually triggered by the HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus. We know that AIDS has the potential to seriously damage your immune system and it is a terminal illness. It is a communicable disease that would normally be prevented provided you take appropriate precautions. Anybody from any walk of life could get afflicted by AIDS. It strikes individuals of all ages and backgrounds. You must be wondering how to make sure that you do not fall a victim to this unfortunate disease. Here are some important but simple tips that you may follow diligently if you wish to stay away from the deadly disease called AIDS.
It Is Best to Abstain From Sex
It is a good idea to avoid sexual intimacy that results in unwanted contact with your partner’s vaginal fluid, semen, or pre-seminal fluid. This would help you stay protected against AIDS through sexual intercourse.
Better to Be Monogamous
Stick to only one sexual partner. He should be having a sexual relationship exclusively with you to prevent AIDS. In this context, you must remember that the HIV antibodies actually do not appear at once and retesting must necessarily be performed in certain cases. For example, both partners should be examined and after a certain period of abstinence from sex or maybe safe sex with condoms, then again tested. In case all the test results are found to be negative and provided both these partners are monogamous, HIV infection should not be happening.
Western blotting is supposed to be a popularly used method for detection of proteins and even posttranslational modifications precisely on proteins, utilizing antibody-based probes for obtaining specific information regarding target proteins directly from complex samples. This is supposed to be a routine method. It could be providing quantitative or semi-quantitative data about the specific target protein in both complex and simple biological samples.
Always Use a Proper Condom
You must have safe sex every time. So use a top quality foolproof condom each and every time. Use plastic/polyurethane or latex condom during intercourse or even oral sex or other acts of intimacy that results in a contact with the vaginal fluid, blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid etc. For every occasion, you must use a fresh new condom. Avoid the use of condoms containing spermicide.
Avoid Sharing Needles
You must not at all share needles with someone else. This would be including needles for administering prescription drugs and also needles for illegal drug use. Do not think of doing something that exposes you to an unwanted contact with another individual’s blood.
Do Not Share Any Personal Items
You must mandatorily avoid sharing health & hygiene items such as razors or toothbrush as they could be containing traces of blood. It is best to avoid using any item if you are not very sure it is a fresh new one or only you have been using it.
Conclusion: Avoid Giving Breast Milk to Your Baby
As per the claims of the ‘U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’, it is believed that breast milk could be containing HIV. You must not let breast milk to come into contact with mouth ulcers or open sores mucous membranes. A little bit of care and understanding go a long way in staying healthy and preventing AIDS.