SMS to google spreadsheet – Never miss a message again

Google spreadsheet is one of the most used worksheets by most of the businesses and service providers to keep everything including contacts at safe online places. The amazing fact of the spreadsheet is that you can access it from anywhere through multiple devices connected to the internet. Hence anything stored on google spreadsheet never gets missed from you for any of the reasons. So, it is a good idea to back up the SMS to the spreadsheet.
Better management of SMS
Now with the best SMS gateway, you can send messages to the spreadsheet numbers and save complete details of messages in detail in the spreadsheet. You can make a copy of every message sent to the customers in the spreadsheet including customer name, mobile number, SMS sent and delivered time, the status of the message (delivered or not), message type (send or received), message content etc. This helps you to sort and filter much-needed information at the expense of few clicks. Now, sending sms to google spreadsheet keep the record of every message sent on safe and secured google platform to access it at any time.
Easy modification
Modification of customer details including name and phone number is so easy with google spreadsheet. The sheet can be easily synchronized with any of the other platforms and software to share the details. You can easily categorize and prioritize the contact numbers in the spreadsheet with the best SMS software to make the process of SMS sending really easy and perfect. Now there is no need to engage in any complex task of exporting and importing the contacts to and from SMS gateway or software. You can compose the message and can make use of the contacts in the spreadsheet to send the messages instantly at the expense of a few clicks.
SMS from excel
You can also send SMS from Microsoft excel just as with spreadsheet. You can use the add-on feature of the SMS gateway or software to connect it with the excel sheet to send the messages. You can send the message to single or several numbers stored in the excel. Now SMS sending is made to meet the expectations of the present business and service providers with the advancement of technologies. Now nothing is impossible and you can send the message from any of the applications you wish with a good SMS software.
A better option for you
It is seen that most of the service providers and businesses still depend on excel to keep the customer’s details. It seems to be better to tool to be used for several purposes since it can be handled easily with several automated features. It is nothing but the easy to use sort and filter options and excellent automated calculation formulas that make it still one of the most used worksheets or software. Now you can send sms from excel software free to minimize the cost and risk of sending SMS.
Make use of the contacts in the excel sheet to double the business. Just send SMS to the excel contacts and wait for the wonder to happen business within a short time.