Martin Sanders Talks About Staying Healthy and Active

No matter the age, gender or occupation of a person, it is crucial that they adequately look after their body. Only if people give their physical health the proper attention and care, they would they be able to stay healthy and well for a long time in their life. As per Martin Sanders  while all people, to an extent, are aware of the importance of good health, they often do not pay much heed to it and take the fitness level enjoyed by them in their youth for granted. But so should not be the case. Ignoring health and fitness during youth can have a considerable negative impact on the well-being of people as they grow older, and give rise to several severe medical conditions as well. 
Advice about taking care of the body in the best possible manner can often be conflicting and confusing, and hence many young individuals end up abandoning any efforts to take care of themselves as they feel it’s too difficult. Martin Sanders points out that just because it seems complicated does not mean that orderly taking care of health and well-being is not important. Even simple things, like exercising a bit more, not eating the second slice of cake, getting more sleep and avoiding digital devices for at least some time in a day can invariably do wonders for the health. 
The increasing growth of chronic, lifestyle-related diseases across the world has been witnessed for many decades. These medical conditions are caused majorly due to the way people lead their lives. Majority of them are additionally associated with the fact that people often forget to adequately take care of their bodies. Several of them are additionally associated with people been overweight and not getting the exercise they need, while others might be caused due to the consumption of unhealthy items. Some of these diseases and conditions are:

  • Adult-onset diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Many forms of cancer

While people cannot obviously avoid all medical conditions and illnesses, by looking after their body they can surely aid in ensuring that they get to live a healthier life for a longer period of time. Martin Sanders points out that good health maintenance is especially crucial among young individuals as it tends to set the stage for their optimal well-being later in life.  Even though most young people tend to be healthy, around two million people between the ages of 15 to 24 die each year, usually due to preventable causes. A lot of them tend to engage in behaviors that are not only dangerous for their current state of health, but also puts their health at risk for several years to come. Hence, it is vital that young people start promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while taking proactive steps to educate themselves about good health, so as to lead healthier, longer, more productive lives.