Taylor Swift Joins Travis Kelce After Game: Source Confirms

Taylor Swift Joins Travis Kelce After Game: Source Confirms


The couple was seen walking beside each other as they walked out from the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

On sunday night “Lavender haze” singer and Kansas City Chief tight was captured together on video leaving Arrowhead Stadium. 

As they exited the building together, Swift gave a brief smile and seemed to say “bye” while Kelce, sporting a stylish two-piece ensemble, also flashed a quick smile and nod towards the camera.

Swift cheered for the Chiefs against the Bears on Sunday, watching from Kelce’s suite alongside his mother, Donna Kelce. They sat closely, chatting and laughing during the game.

Taylor Swift Joins Travis Kelce After Game: Source Confirms


The Grammy winner was seen wearing a red-and-white Chiefs jacket tied around her waist as she left the stadium. In the video, Swift was shown smiling, cheering, and clapping while watching Kelce and his teammates. At one point, she even raised her hands in excitement.

Swift’s presence at the stadium happened shortly after Kelce extended an invitation to her during his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show podcast. According to a source, as soon as Swift got the invitation, she didn’t allow her hectic schedule to prevent her from accepting it.

The source mentioned, “Taylor is currently highly dedicated to her work and spending time with her close friends.” They continued, “Travis extended an invitation to her for the game, and naturally, she agreed.”

The source also added, “She simply thought it would be a wonderful way to enjoy her Sunday.”

During the podcast on Thursday, host Pat McAfee inquired if Kelce wanted to “elaborate” on the rumors circulating about him and Swift dating, as it’s a topic that “everyone is discussing worldwide at the moment.”