The Best Smart TV Features

It’s the 21st century, the dawn of technological advancements. In the midst of AI and machines, there have been some significant improvisation in our daily technologies. Be it computers, smartphone or smart TV, price and features have just gone up. Everything has gotten much much better, especially televisions.

Who knew that a box like picture tube with antennas on its head could become so sleek, bright, colourful and technologically forward. Well, it did. Many brands like Sony, TCL or Samsung smart LED TV priced at various level starting from low to high have successfully been able to provide some exceptional TV viewing experience to the users of this era. Moreover, their smart features have been just though the roof. Here, we will look at some of the many features the television have adapted to also called the “smart”, features.

Smart Featured:

  • Wifi Connectivity – this is one of the best features in a smart television. It helps users to enjoy connecting to the internet, browsing the web, watching their favourite show on an OTT platform, online gaming and many more such features.
  • Video streaming- the smart features allow television to stream videos up to 4K quality. YouTube, Netflix and other video streaming apps come pre-installed in the television, the user just has to shift to the smart mode and choose their preferred app.
  • Phone mirroring- what’s on your phone can be on your TV. The mirroring technology can pair phone to TV and mirror exactly what’s happening on your phone. So photos, family video, documents and presentations can be taken on to a bigger screen in a click or two.
  • Games- A lot of smart televisions get their “smartness” from Google, through Google Play. This makes game play on television possible. You can just go to the app store, download a game and play it on your TV.
  • Music- What’s with game, the same is with music. You can literally stream any kind of music through your phone to television. There are also preinstalled apps like Youtube that can stream music for you.
  • Video calls- these are not very common, but one of the biggest best features on a television. Just use a video calling app and watch someone on the other side on a bigger screen it’s just amazing. Not all television have this as it requires a set of camera on the TV but if you are someone who does a lot of video calls this is just a wonderful thing to have.

In the end, it’s not about the amount of smart features your television has but about how many of them you use. Imagine getting a 3D television but you don’t watch 3D movies, the features is completely useless to you. So, when picking a television go through the features list and if it looks like that most of the features are useless to you, it  might just be better to go for another one.