Top 14 risky places where you can get COVID

These days everyone is talking about COVID pandemic, and numerous countries are taking essential safety measurements to protect people from this virus. They have imposed the ban on various areas by tightening restrictions, but some countries have remained open everything not to affect the financial conditions. It can be seen in low-income countries. Here in this blog, we are going to share some risky places where you can encounter COVID. Take a look and don’t forget to take safety measurements before leaving.

Going to park

We know it’s challenging to keep yourself bound at home as various countries have lockdown. Everyone still wants to breathe in the fresh air and what else would be better than local state park? Kids can play and enjoy in the air during this pandemic. Hold on, have you checked the safety measurements of the park administration? Are they maintain social distancing? Make sure these parks are not overcrowded because such places are red alert. Always wear a mask and keep sanitising your hands after touching swings, grills or whatever comes in your way in the park.

Shopping at the grocery store

Many grocery stores follow safety precautions but whatever you are searching at the grocery store is quite risky. The place shouldn’t b overcrowded, and you are not really close to people, especially those who are coughing and sneezing. Don’t spend too much time in a grocery store which is overcrowded because this is quite risky for contracting virus.

Waiting for takeaways food

Because of COVID, people cannot dine in their favourite restaurants, so they offer takeaway services. Ensuring you are waiting in line must be following social distancing because it is very dangerous where the virus can spread quickly. Everyone must follow social distancing.

Hosting outdoor events,

Well, still many people are hosting an outdoor gathering with friends and family. Everyone needs to consider this fact the more attendees will bring more risk. You all need to follow the strict rules. Social distancing is essential whether you are hosting an event with few guests to wear a mask and don’t forget to review COVID guidelines by the state.

While travelling in a plane

Numerous countries banned air travel with the sudden outbreak of COVID, and it was most risky than anything because people had to wait in airport terminals and security lines. It brings people in close contact and might have to touch where surfaces. If it’s essential for you to travel, wear a mask and keep your hands clean. Social distancing is necessary for everyone.

While taking salon services

Close interaction is risky in any case but if you are used to of salon services, keep this thing in mind you have to follow proper precautions. Whatever salon you have chosen for this must be following all the safety precautions. They must be wearing face shields and masks. We suggest you stay at home and do your salon services at home rather than going outside and contracting the virus.

Going to office

Various companies worked from home in the outbreak of this pandemic, but small businesses were affected too much. We share office equipment with coworkers that are quite risky for spreading the virus. Break rooms, cafeteria and other places where it’s an enormous chance of getting COVID. Every workplace needs to follow the precautions which are mentioned by the local government.

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Visiting bars

Many of you might be craving for a drink at your favorite bar, but do you know it’s not safest? Here contraction of the virus is greater. Risk is higher here because the virus can be transmitted here easily. Over drinkers who are in this alcohol abuse may have found this difficult to spend this time at home. Numerous health experts have made these bars the riskiest places.

Hangout with a sick person

It’s pretty much riskier to hang out with a sick person, especially who are contracted with flu and cough. Symptoms of this virus vary from one person to others because it includes headache, fever and allergies. Keep yourself away from such person because this one could be the main reason for getting virus.

Small indoor gatherings

Small gathering indoor or outdoor ignore this and don’t wear mask even. Avoid doing this because it is very dangerous.

Wedding gatherings

If family surrounds you, it doesn’t mean you are safe. CoronavirusCorona virus is everywhere because wedding gatherings are overcrowded and mostly to people are not wearing mask, so it becomes even more dangerous. Wedding gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors, must follow all the precautions.

Avoid indoor dining

Do you know restaurants with poor ventilation are the main reasons for spreading the virus? Ventilation must be fixed because it is more infectious than masks. Various people get infected easily indoors with poor ventilated system. Masks decrease infection, but dining in such infected ventilated, you can have a disease even in the mask.

Avoid shopping malls

Shopping might have necessary for you, but it’s essential to keep yourself away from such places in this pandemic. If you want something urgent, then you can take the risk but with proper measurements. Keep your hands with sanitiser and don’t forget a mask. Try to avoid touching every surface.

Avoid schools

Well, the majority of schools have introduced an online system for studying students at home because it’s difficult for students to maintain social distancing there. Education institutes are most prone to this virus because people may have no symptoms infected with a virus, but it can spread everywhere.

These are the riskiest places where you can encounter COVID. Have you ever consulted with the doctor and taken a test? Sometimes people even don’t experience symptoms, but their contraction with people can be risky. Don’t forget to take safety precautions and try to remain at home because it’s the safest thing you can do to protect your family and loved ones.