Top 4 Festive Exhibition Stand Ideas for Summer Events

In a world of retail e-Commerce, one of the best ways to grow your business is by promoting your product at fairs and festivals. Showcasing your products in a unique has great potential at increasing your sales as it presents an excellent opportunity to market your brand, connect with key players in your industry, and gather feedback about your products and services. 
If your event venue is full of generic exhibit stands, then you really have only a few seconds to catch the viewers’ attention. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to entice the attendees into checking your booth. To help you get the most out of your next exhibition, we have compiled the top four strategies for selling your products and attract attendee’s attention towards your booth. 

Four Festive Exhibition Stand Ideas to Attract People to Your Booth

Committing to a creative and a fully-festive exhibit booth is a great way to embrace the summer holiday season. As summer represents vacations and destination trips, it is an excellent opportunity for companies for marketing their brand and growing their customer base. 
Here are a few festive exhibitions stand ideas for your next Summer Event:

Seasonal Branding 

Festive exhibition stands are quite different from regular trade show stands that are more classic and monochrome. Festive exhibitions are more inclined towards sentiments and creativity; therefore, it is highly effective for branding. No matter the special occasion or festival you are celebrating an “on-brand” exhibit stand is essential amidst the colorful backdrop and unique props. However, keep in mind that you are trying to attract the attention of different audiences of different ages and lifestyles so if you’re stuck with ideas, you can always get in touch with exhibition companies in UAE such as MavenLabsDubai to discuss your requirements. 
A brilliant way to market during a festive exhibition is to design a stand that directly relates to your brand and accentuate the theme with Summer twist and relating features of the festive season. These changes don’t have to be a lot; it could be simply changing the color theme of your booth to suit a summer theme like Green, Yellow, and Blue. You can also add thoughtful details like tropical, beach props, or go with Palm trees and sand as to create an image of beech in summers. 

Make Good Use of Seasonal Accessories

The summer season brings a lot of good childhood memories. You can incorporate these sentiments in your exhibit stand by making good use of summer decorations and accessories. You can use faux palm trees, beach balls, and sand to engage passer-by and capture their attention, so they spend time at your stand. 
You can also provide a summer beach party backdrop with all the necessary accessories and props, so people come and take pictures. You can also offer QR discount codes and engage them by providing them to hang notes with their wishes on from tree. Festive exhibitions are a great way to market your brand via unique, eye-catching backdrops and exhibit stand theme.  

Festive Giveaways!

If you have ever visited an exhibition, you have undoubtedly come back home with one or two freebies. Festive giveaways are a great way to increase the number of people who visit your stand, and it also increases your chances of getting new customers. Summer festive exhibitions are a great place to create new customers because of the diverse attendee demographics. With unique giveaways, you can target children, teenagers, and adults. 
Exhibition freebies are a simple and effective way to enhance your brand marketing and attract attendees. However, these giveaways have to be unique and inspiring rather than boring things like pens that are not memorable. Some of the examples of exclusive exhibition freebies are:

  • Edible giveaways like cupcakes, sweets or popsicles in summer events. 
  • Productive items like mini power banks, notebooks and headphones. 
  • Commemorative apparel like branded t-shirts, scarfs and summer hats. 
  • Soda and pop drinks with goody packs for kids. 

Lighting Displays 

Let’s face it – fluorescent lights suspended high above don’t exist anymore. People are naturally attracted to exhibition stands that are unique to others. In order to stand out, you just don’t need a bright yellow light or flashy neon colors, as chances are you will become invisible among all the other stands. 
However, using light in unique ways is an easy way to differentiate your brand from others. Some fun ways of using lighting at your exhibition stands are as follows:

  • Multi-colored LED roof displays.
  • Lighting Box with bright trailing lights. 
  • LED Murals on the walls
  • 3D Panoramas and light projection to display scenic views. 

Lights are a fantastic way of creating a perfect environment for a summer exhibition that instantly feels welcoming. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with exhibition companies in UAE to add light to dull areas and use every inch of your booth space. 

Bring your Exhibition Stands to Life!

The first impression of your brand is the most important interaction with a potential customer. Research shows that a good first impression leads to connection, and you never get second chances at first impressions! 
So, plan well before the exhibition day and polish your first impression to form an everlasting effect on people and increase ROI. Use all available tools and bring your products and booth to life and let your brand tell its story.