Top Life Coaching Books

Life coaching is one of the most interesting topics which people usually love to explore and discuss. The benefits of life coaching are abundant yet not everybody approaches these life coaches. And on the same time, if people are approaching the life coaches, each of them has a different reason to approach them and discuss their own problems which they are facing.
Now the other thing which people usually want to address is that they don’t really want to approach these coaches face to face because of either the location being too far or just because of their uncomfortableness which comes in their way of getting an appointment with a proper life coach.
If you also belong to such a category and want to deal with your problems yourself, you might be needing one of the best life coaching books which can be a start towards your healthy life.
In case you are interested in the same, we have compiled this list of the top life coaching books for you to refer. So, let’s begin.
The Life Coaching Handbook – Curly Martin
In case you are hunting for the best book on life coaching, then this is the best book which you are going to read. This book is based on aiming at total newbies into the field and is a bit UK centric, which means that some of the advices may be redundant to the people who reside outside UK. This book is a cool introduction to the life coaching principles and you can easily pick it up from any of the real bookstores or even purchase it online from any of the sites at an affordable price.
Making habits, breaking habits – Jeremy Dean
This book is the production of a British psychologist Dean who takes a very scientific look at the different things which are related to psychology and the working of the brain.
This book is worth loving, not least of which where he explodes the self development criteria and urban myth that habits the predetermined amount of time which is taken to implement.
He also explores a variety of other myths one of which is that worrying serves no purposes.
Your Brain At Work – David Rock
The book ‘Your Brain at Work’ is an absolute classic which has never strayed from the top for a long time and above all, also comes in an audio version which you can get an access to easily.
The author isn’t a neuroscientist, yet he still manages to take you for a ride and implements his cutting-edge research from that industry and applies the same to make us to understand the working of our brain and how to apply different information which we get into our lives.
Along with that, it also focuses on the limitation of the brain and of course, if you know a lot about yourself, it would also help you understand your coaching clients better too.
Buddha’s Brain – Rick Hansen
This is yet another amazing book which focuses on the science and research on the fact that why meditation is very effective at lowering stress and also increasing the happiness in your lives and promoting the physical and mental health.
The author has done an amazing job here by marrying topics of neuroscience and meditation. It is one of the most relevant book for life coaches as well as to the clients who are willing to find utter harmony.
You can benefit a lot from this book and can even seldom the teaching of Buddha who have been taken from about 2000 years ago.