Some Tricks to Maximize Storage Capacity

The warehouse space is often very expensive, so it makes sense to make the most of its storage capacity to reduce handling costs and increase efficiency in materials handling. Making some changes to the activities and warehouse equipment can repay the efforts through big savings. Here are some tips to make the warehouse even better.
Improve demand forecasting and inventory management
Inaccurate forecasts lead to an excess of stock in the warehouse which complicates its management. If you are using only spreadsheets to make demand forecasts, you absolutely must consider adopting a more sophisticated solution. In fact, modern forecasting software is based on best-fitting algorithms (which are able to best approximate the demand curve through the comparison with complex curves) and are able to consider not only the seasonality of the demand, but also the promotions planned. A better forecast will save in terms of purchase cost, management costs, reduction of inventory obsolescence.
An effective ERP or inventory management solution can help if they can determine stock requirements so as to reduce the available stock level without reducing the level of customer service. Less inventory requires less space, so the overall warehouse management performance will improve accordingly.
Optimize the warehouse layout
In order to have an optimized warehouse layout, it is first necessary to analyze the physical characteristics of the materials to be stored and moved. At this point it is necessary to reduce this analysis in the warehouse context, trying to optimize the storage units Oceanside as much as possible, compatibly with the handling needs.
For example, frequently taken items must be kept close to the warehouse head to minimize movement within the shelves; or it is possible to customize the heights of the storage compartments on the basis of the mix of heights of the load units to be stored; finally, it is possible to find solutions (even automated ones) that minimize the risk of loss of very small items.
Use all available space effectively
Inventory space management requires thinking in multiple directions, including vertical direction. With the right storage systems, it is possible to take advantage of the space already present rather than having to foresee new ones by adding dimensions to the warehouse.
Using all the available vertical space saves on handling costs, allowing a more efficient warehouse design. The right storage systems can make the difference in terms of operational efficiency.
Maximize the efficiency of material handling equipment
The right material handling equipment can increase productivity and improve operator safety. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the equipment is suitable for the loads to be moved, also including a certain safety margin. It is also important that the lanes of the warehouse are wide enough to allow an agile handling of the trolleys and that the latter are equipped with safety lights and horns.
The equipment material handling is critical to operational efficiency, so you have to take care of, educating traders to do a check before changing equipment and regular maintenance schedule. And think that these tips are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to maximizing the space in the warehouse.