Try Out These Easy to Make Dinner-at-Home Recipes for Summer Holidays

As the summers are approaching, many of you might enjoy holidays with your kids, spouse, and friends this year. Still, many would prefer to stay at home and spend more time with family and friends in their comfort zone. So today, we are here with something classic and special that may give you some of the most hyped main dishes, desserts, appetizers, and drinks to enjoy with your family and friends. 

This blog will showcase a heavy dose of some signatures like spring rolls recipe, gluten-free, paneer makhani recipe, and much more. These multi-traditional inspired recipes are perfectly cozy and delightful. So if you too are particularly bad at making reservations or usually ending up at any of the signature restaurants, then honestly, these recipes are meant for you. So let’s get started with knowing more about summer dinner at home plans. 


Now, this could be a hit for your summer brunches or evening snacks. The textures and flavours of this Mediterranean appetizer come together so well. If your kids or family friends have a deep love for raw salads, then this vegetable platter is for you. After all, Americans and people worldwide have always praised the refreshing, crisp, organic, and affordable Celery for bringing a different story to the dish. And guess what, it keeps you well too! Toss green olives, diced Celery, rubbled parmesan, roasted almonds, thinly chopped garlic cloves, apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, kosher salt and extra virgin olive oil. There you go! You can even refrigerate it for upto 3-4 days. 


Apart from paneer butter masala, there are many other variants of paneer dishes to try. Eating healthy yet tasty is the trend this year. How about bringing a smile to your loved ones or friends with an authentic paneer butter masala recipe? Sounds great, right. We believe that now you have something on your dinner or lunch platter to satisfy your taste buds fully. 

So if you have been thinking about a dish that appears to be light and melts in your mouth, then paneer butter or paneer makhani recipe would be pure bliss. Check out this quick, restaurant-style paneer butter masala by Ruchi’s Kitchen. If you try, let us know how this comforting delicacy turns out for you and your friends. Never miss their new recipes; subscribe to them for printable recipes. It’s all free! 


Spring rolls have been a great addition to the evening drinks or party appetizers menu. This time when you catch up with your friends and family, you can connect with this quick and balanced spring rolls recipe. You may need some basic ingredients like butter lettuce, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, green onion, thin rice noodles, cilantro, and mint. 

Peanut butter, soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, fresh garlic (thinly chopped), and sesame oil for the peanut sauce. Whisk all these sauce ingredients with 2-3 tablespoons of water or as needed to make it creamy enough. 

Well, just dont stress if your rolls are not that perfect. Take the wrapper, add the veggies along with the lettuce layers, and fill as compactly as possible until the fillings are well enveloped. Do let us know how your vegan spring rolls turn out in the comments below; that would be a big hit to know more about.