Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Grass in Your Lawn

Everyone loves natural greenery but only a few can manage to maintain it in their personal property. Establishing a small lawn in your land property requires time and budget. If you are not capable of fulfilling these two aspects, it’s better to look for an alternative. For instance, the maintenance of turf is not easy because it requires timely mowing, fertilization, weed protection and irrigation. Therefore, synthetic turf as an alternative come to existence. You can buy synthetic turf in Sydney made up of two major polymers including:- 

  1. Nylon 
  2. Polyethylene 

Many other materials are also available in the market but they are known for robustness. Nylon is the strongest material but it is rigid and one can easily figure out that it is artificial. On the other hand, polyethylene is strong, soft as well as look natural. Choosing a synthetic turf in Sydney has pros and cons that you need to know before buying. 


1. No irrigation 
natural turf needs water on a regular basis to survive in hot climatic conditions like Sydney. You don’t have to take care of watering it regularly in the evening because synthetic turf remain green in all climatic conditions. it is treated with special chemicals to retain the green color even under direct exposure of the sun for a long time. 
2. No weedicides 
Maintaining natural turf is not an easy task because weed also grows along with grass. Eradicating unwanted weed is a challenging thing because it doesn’t let your grass to come out. Also, if you spray weedicides, the chemicals all so badly affect the nearby environment. Synthetic turf in Sydney remains free from all these issues. Just because it is a synthetic material, no weed can grow inside it. 
3. No need for mowing
Natural turf grows continuously and it requires trimming after a certain period of time. If you ignore the turf mowing job, the normal lawn will gradually turn into a mini forest where you cannot roam freely. Synthetic turf comes with a uniform size that remains consistent until you replace it with a new one. 


1.Cleaning requires chemicals
it is true that the synthetic turf remains green for 10 to 15 years once you install it in the ground. However, it also requires adequate cleaning. If you Don’t clean synthetic turf, dust and dirt gradually stick inside and make it useless. For cleaning a synthetic turf in Sydney, you need petrochemicals that are harmful to our environment. 
2. Non-biodegradable material
Just like the rest of the polymers, the material of synthetic turf is also non-biodegradable. It has a lifespan of minimum 10 years but synthetic polymers further need four to five hundred years for proper decomposition. Therefore, buying a synthetic turf means contributing to polluting our environment from the perspective of the long-term.
3. No natural feel 
No matter how natural it is looking, there is a distinctive feeling of sitting on a natural lawn. Even the best synthetic material cannot complete the natural field of the original grass. Walking bare feet on natural and synthetic turf will easily make you feel the difference between original and fake. 
Now all advantages and disadvantages are clear in front of you regarding the use of synthetic lawn in Brisbane or any other part of Australia.