Vijaya Boggala Talks About Using Oils and Acrylics in Paintings

Painting is among the very few actives that provide people with the opportunity to enjoy, learn and relax at the same time. As pointed out by

Vijaya Boggala painting is a hobby in which people can engage in right at their home, and do not need any such specialized resources. One can paint by using simple water colors as well. Boggala himself enjoys painting as a hobby, and is majorly involved in oil and acrylic paintings.   He has been practicing and enjoying the hobby of painting for quite some time now, and even encourages others to do the same.

Even though painting is not much of a difficult hobby to engage in, first-timers can still face a bit of confusion in it. The main confusion arises as they have to choose between oil paints or acrylics. Being familiar with both of these painting styles, Vijaya Boggala says that are certain key distinctions between these types, and an individual should be adequately aware of those points prior to selecting any one of them for their project.  He further underlines that, no matter which style is chosen by a person, the ultimate output of their project would significantly depend on their drawing skills as well. The drawing is the key foundation of any painting project, and oil paints or acrylics are only used to enhance its appeal.

Here are some of the key points of differences between oil and acrylic paintings, as marked by Vijaya Boggala:

  • Drying time: The key difference between using oils and acrylics is the drying time involved.  Usually, acrylic paints shall dry up within an hour or so, and at times even under fifteen minutes.  On the other hand, oil paints usually stay wet for days and even weeks, as per the humidity and temperature prevalent at the location of the painter. Vijaya Boggala says that this is among the key reasons why beginners should try and use oil paints at the start, especially if they are slow painters. Fast drying paints can often be frustrating for people just starting out with the hobby.
  • Mixing paint: The drying time involved also tends to influence various other aspects of painting, such as its mixing aspect. Mixing acrylics tend to be way more difficult than mixing oils, as the acrylics already begin to dry out during the mixing process.  When it comes to oil paints, the painters get the chance to mix colors for days on end, subsequently producing subtle and distinct color variations that they usually cannot with acrylics.
  • Cost: Coming to painting supplies, oil paints cost much more then acrylics. Hence, for students or hobbyists, it would be a quite a cost-effective option to stick with acrylic paints. Moreover, they might even use the acrylic paints in two ways. They can use it right out of the tube like oils, or dilute it with water and use almost like watercolors.

The above-mentioned points can considerably help people to pick their perfect painting style.

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