How Dwyane Wade’s Versace Collaboration Represents a Bold Step for Show-Stopping Style

How Dwyane Wade's Versace Collaboration Represents a Bold Step for Show-Stopping Style

He may have made a name for himself as a three-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat, but today Dwyane Wade’s become accustomed to throwing smouldering looks as the new face for Versace’s latest eyewear campaign. 

“Charisma and excellence,” were the words Versace chose to headline their collaboration with the former NBA icon, and Wade appears to be an immediate fit to front the fashion house’s latest striking range of eyewear. 

The range itself features a series of four aviator sunglasses, with half encased in more rectangular frames, and all models reflecting the kind of show-stopping style that Wade himself had become synonymous with throughout a decorated career spanning almost 20 years. 

One recurring theme throughout the range has been the use of striking gold accents, which act as a subtle nod to Wade’s gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

“I have always admired Versace’s bold and innovative approach to fashion, and I am honored to partner with them as the face of their sunglasses line,” Wade explained. “As an athlete, I understand the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun, and with Versace sunglasses, you can do that in style.”

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, Versace’s partnership with Dwyane Wade was announced in early 2023, and the high fashion brand’s irreverent approach to sunglasses for men has been perfectly complemented by the basketball superstar, who has perfectly complemented the brand’s appetite for unmistakable glamour within their products. 

Unmissable Eyewear

Versace is a fashion house like no other. There are few major labels that can thrive in creating an audacious style that always strikes the right balance between traditional themes and the downright ostentatious.

It’s for this reason that the presence of Dwyane Wade as the face of this latest range is all the more impactful.

For the line modelled by Wade, Versace looked to showcase three bridged styles, two of which focused on sunglasses and one optical frame to boot. Each style offered different approaches to the brand’s unmissable Medusa symbol. 

The Special Project frames modeled by Wade feature a luxurious oversized aviator shape adorned with gold styling. The design itself draws attention to an embossed Medusa logo on the thick contrasting bridge of the glasses and large temple plaques. 

Versace’s Special Project sunglasses also feature varying colorways, with one option toning down the gold accents on the shades in favor of a more black and dark grey color pairing. 

Other styles modeled by Wade involve a remodel of the rim shape of the shades, which favors a more angular frame to deliver a largely rectangular look. This helps to deliver a more rectangular, sophisticated look overall. 

Completing the range is an optical version of the aviator frame, which is similar in appearance to its sunglasses-based iteration. The frame itself utilizes a geometric shape that’s encased within a double-edged temple for a luxurious effect. 

The use of color is certainly in keeping with Versace values, with plenty of black and gunmetal grey metals made more eye-catching with the presence of luxurious gold. 

Upholding Versace’s Heritage

Versace sunglasses are perhaps the most recognizable of the brand’s accessories, and the fashion house’s styles have been adorned by some of the world’s biggest celebrities from Rihanna, to Lady Gaga, all the way through to the Notorious B.I.G. 

The iconic look of Versace sunglasses stems from its attention-grabbing luxurious style. Typically characterized by thick black frames with striking gold decoration on the arms, the look that they provided some of the biggest names in music and fashion was a blend of timeless chic paired with larger-than-life elegance. 

We’ve also seen musicians like Snoop Dogg make the most of Versace’s show-stopping style to great effect in the past. 

Despite Versace’s darker gold-tinted shades becoming ever-popular among celebrity fans, the brand has sought to cater to a wide range of styles and accommodated a far more eclectic range of color and bold frame styles. 

Over the years Versace has unleashed styles that have catered to plenty of timeless looks. Skirting from cat-eye lenses to oversized aviator lenses that loosely resemble ski goggles, the prestigious fashion house has lent itself to a range of trends, but has always ensured that it brings its elegance to the table. 

This commitment to style is prevalent within Versace’s collaboration with Dwyane Wade and the Special Project range. Encapsulating the bold styles of the brand with the help of the ‘charisma and excellence’ of a sporting icon.