Warning signs of the cavity that should not be ignored

Ahh! My tooth hurts, do I have cavities? The thought that comes to every person when their toothaches. You start thinking about the food you ate, the candies, chocolates and your never-ending love for that. Had it not been for your sweet tooth this would have never happened.

But wait a min how do you know that you are suffering from cavities? Because according to what I’ve studied only your dentist can help you diagnose the cavity if any and help you know how to get rid of it depending upon how deep the cavity is and if ignored for longer these cavities can deepen expanding the hole and damaging your nerves.

Yet there are telltale signs that you can look out for to know whether you have cavities or not. The signs include:

If your tooth is suddenly aching without any reason and your body is not showing any signs of discomfort then the reason can for sure be a cavity. But pain is not the only symptom. Sometimes it happens that you do not feel pain at all but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a cavity. There are various other reasons for it.

You suffer from sensitivity. If your teeth become sensitive to cold beverage and sweets and the sensitivity does not go away with time then you surely need to go and visit a dentist. The reason can be that you need tooth cavity filling.

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If your hole and pit are visible while brushing or examining your teeth in the mirror then what were you waiting for till now? You should rush to the nearby dental clinic and get your teeth fixed by dental filling. Even a slight brownness should also not be ignored as that can be the very primary sign and could be resolved easily.

Having stained teeth be it be yellow, brown or black can be because of cavities. Stained teeth can be due to black tea, coffee or gravy food. This does not necessarily mean that you have a cavity but a visit to the dentist can clear all your doubts and can help you to get rid of these.

Sudden pain while biting or chewing down food. If you feel a sudden sensation on your teeth then the possibility of decay is high and it is a sign of inflamed pulp. This sudden sensation can also be sue to the cracked tooth but if this is the case then an immediate visit to a dentist is what can save your tooth.

The main reason for the cavity is decay which is caused by the bacteria in your mouth. A small hole in your tooth calls out to be the breeding ground of such bacteria which can cause bad odor and taste in your mouth. This is the warning signal of gum disease and plaque build-up. Persistent odor and bad taste in your mouth are clear signs of the cavity which leads to gum disease.

Cavities if ignored for longer can damage the nerves in the gums which cause your gums to bleed while brushing as brushing puts pressure on your teeth and gums. This is a sign of deep cavity and gum disease which should be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

In case you come across any such signs in your mouth visit your dentist. Being pro-active will cause no harm. Look for tooth cavity filling cost and educate yourself about the procedure and cost involved in the treatment.