5 Tips to Choose SEO Company

Today we want to bring you 5 Tips to Choose SEO Company. In the long years that we have been doing SEO, we have found multiple companies that claim to perform web positioning without actually doing it. This is how many companies perform the mere installation of a WordPress Plugin called Yoast SEO or another similar one. Believing that in this way the organic positioning is assured.
However, for those of us who have been doing organic positioning in different places and with different themes for years, this seems to us quite aberrant for what the SEO itself is.
It is not necessary for this article to denounce these companies, let alone name them. But if you make several recommendations that will allow you to discern if the company that is taking the positioning of your website is really a real company or just a chanter. Here are 5 Recommendations to Choose SEO Company:
1. Ask for the Digital Marketing Strategy
An organic positioning company must first ask you for a marketing strategy. Yes as you have just read it. This is because an organic positioning campaign is part of a marketing strategy. For this reason, a serious business, the first thing you should ask for is: the digital marketing strategy that you are using to be able to support you and boost digital marketing, because organic positioning is part of this marketing strategy.
Hence, if you do not have it defined; a great problem is generated for an organic positioning company since “I would not know which is the North on which you are working “that is why it is important that you as a company zyppia.com.au have clearly defined your strategy because the SEO is part of it. In many cases, we have rejected certain companies that are not clear about their strategic digital marketing guidelines.
If you do not have your digital strategy defined clearly SEO will not help you, and you will not see results since these depend on a good marketing strategy. Because SEO rather than positioning your website, seeks that visitors become customers indirectly.
Currently we are working with specialists in designing marketing strategies so if you do not have defined your strategy we can recommend that it is done by our team of advisors.
2. The cheap costs expensive that simple.
If you do not have a defined budget to promote organic positioning DO NOT believe in these super-cheap monthly feed offers, because the reality is that SEO is not cheap. An annual SEO campaign at least will cost between $ 4,200,000 to $ 12,000,000, this will depend on the difficulty of the keywords or what you want to do.
This is a lot of money, but when you think about the benefit that gives you A Seo campaign, for the exposure of the brand through the search engines in the short and medium term this campaign is paid alone.
Do you want us to evaluate your company for organic positioning of your website?
3. The Lie about Black Hat Seo: It’s Bad
The Black Hat SEO is a technique used by the experts in organic positioning. While many marketing companies say that this is negative the truth is that they are completely wrong and any specialist in SEO or Organic Positioning knows that there is no company in the world that has not used Black Hat SEO to position a Web.
The lie against the Blackhat is born through the Google Academy, this because originally we who made organic positioning were frowned upon by Google. Then Google created this academy where “I sabotage SEO”, denominating this: “Black Hat SEO” and that ALL what Google says that it is necessary to do is what they say that it was called: “White SEO”.
In the medium term he ended up recruiting resellers of his program: Google Adwords . This is how you find many companies that claim to do SEO but that actually do just pay per click campaigns, which in the background is a resale of a Google Adwords campaign.
How does Google keep these resellers captive? The best way is to offer them a “logo” that confirms them as Google Partners, this is RESELLERS.
Those who do not have this logo are reputed to have no knowledge of Google. However, the practice shows that there are many people worldwide who are experts in organic positioning and do not need the Google logo. This is how you can meet people like Chuiso, Marc Cruells, Javier Mansa, and our Cristian Hernandez, and many others. Who have been working in SEO for years.
4. The Account on which the data is processed
On what account does the company work? The general rule is that seo marketing companies work under their own Google Analytics accounts, Google Adwords and all free analytics products like Google’s are not accessible by the customer.
But for us personally we find this aberrant because the traffic data corresponds to the client sites, so what we do is use customer accounts or make customer accounts about which we allow access to review the data.
This is because the data is from the client, so we do not use our accounts in this way, in case the client decides to terminate the service with us the next company will have access to the entire informative history of the search trends, the words, the number of users, the number of conversions, the profile of visitors and a long list of things that Google Analytics gives you.
Therefore, from our perspective, a serious company must work with the data or the accounts of the client to review the SEO positioning at least in Google analytics and Google Search.
Do you want us to evaluate your company for organic positioning of your website ?
5. The Reports
You report this fundamental point if your company does not give you reports then how do we measure the effectiveness of SEO. If you do not have information about how many visits your website is having, what kind of users visit it, how the user is arriving, through what means is accessing and a long list of other things that Google Analytics can give you, then you have no way to measure the effectiveness of an organic positioning campaign
In this respect, we are currently working with Data Google. Data Google is a wonderful tool because it allows you to obtain data from your Google Analytics account that helps you measure seo positioning, the traffic source, the information that you need or that is relevant to the analysis of a seo campaign.
The best thing is that in this way we are forgetting to make monthly reports because the report is online 24 hours a day and the best is automatically updated based on a good connection with the Google analytics account.
You can also connect the accounts of Google Adword, Adsense and you can build an infinity of reports that will help you measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns directed to search engines.
We implement it for our clients and believe me it is one of the best tools that we have been able to see for free online baking 24 hours 365 days a year and with the data in real time.