7 Effective Ways To Keep the Kitchen Clean Quickly and Effectively

7 Effective Ways to Keep the Kitchen Clean Quickly and Effectively

The kitchen and food preparation area are some of the most essential areas of the home. It is where the mom usually prepares a healthy and delicious delicacy for her family. A place where the family gathers, sharing joy and laughter. Thus why the kitchen is often called the heart of the house.

On the other hand, functioning as a cooking area, also makes the kitchen become one of the parts in the house that easily and often gets dirty. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the kitchen is thoroughly clean after usage. A clean kitchen is not only able to make the home atmosphere feel comfortable but can also provide hygienically prepared dishes for the whole family.

To help the family in cleaning the kitchen properly, we have summarized easy and effective ways to clean the kitchen properly.

Throw the food particles in the trash immediately

After finishing cooking, there will be various traces of food that may still perch. Therefore, the first step you have to remember to ensure your kitchen stays clean all the time is by throwing all the visible dirt in the kitchen into the trash. Remember, never let any dirt, debris, or food particles remain as they can attract bacteria and mold.

Wash dishes after cooking

After finishing throwing away all the dirt in the kitchen, the next step you should do is wash all the dirty dishes that may be present due to the cooking. This might be the ultimate annoying thing that we have to do after cooking because washing the dishes will take up quite a lot of time. 

Usually, after we finish cooking, we will be too tired to do the washing, thus we end up delaying in doing so. When the dirty dishes are left alone for too long, they will accumulate over time. Seeing too many dishes piling up, will make you stressed and lazier. Therefore, it is important to wash the dishes immediately after use. Whether after cooking or after eating.  That way, there will be no more piling up dirty dishes or utensils.

Before washing the dishes, you can soak the dirty dishes in hot water and dish soap first.  This can help to shed any remaining dirt on the plate, especially the oily one. Thus, it won’t take much effort for you to wash it until it is squeaky clean.

Clean the kitchen sink

When all the dishes have been washed clean and allowed to dry. The next step is to clean the kitchen sink. To be able to clean the kitchen sink quickly, you can use a damp sponge and baking soda. This is the best way to remove stains quickly without scratching the surface of the sink.

After all the stains on the sink have been cleaned, you can use a spray bottle filled with vinegar to rinse the sink. Vinegar is very useful as a natural disinfectant that can thoroughly clean any bacteria. Afterward, rinse the sink with water and it will look polished and brand new.

Clean the entire kitchen surface from top to bottom

When you do in-depth cleaning for your kitchen, you should always clean it from top to bottom and front to back. This is the best strategy that you can use, to ensure the kitchen can be cleaned effectively and efficiently. 

Not only that, but this method can also help you to save time when cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen, be it the stove, table, and cupboards which may get splashed with oil when you cook. If you clean the table first, before cleaning the top of the stove hood, you may have to clean the table again because there will be debris that has fallen.

Sweep and mop the floor

Splashes of oil and other debris may stick to the floor after you finish using the kitchen. This can be dangerous because it can make the floor slippery and thus cause someone to slip. Therefore, it is very important to always sweep and mop the entire floor surface in the kitchen.

Clean away the stove burner from crusty food splashes

Of all the other kitchen tools, the stove can be the dirtiest part because it is often splashed when cooking. The dirt can become crusty which is very difficult to clean. This can affect the polishness of your kitchen and its aesthetics.

To avoid the appearance of crust, you have to make it a habit to clean the stove immediately after use. You can simply remove the crumbs between burner slots, and clean them with a damp cloth and kitchen cleaner.

If the crust still won’t come off after brushing, and yellow stains start to leave a mark on the stove, you can remove them again and make the stove shine by using vinegar and baking soda. However, keep in mind that this method is only recommended to clean regular gas stoves, and not electric stoves.

Take out the trash daily

Last but not least, one of the most important parts of cleaning the kitchen is taking out the trash daily. Especially if your kitchen is always bustling with cooking activities. 

Not only is it filled with dirt, but trash cans also affect your kitchen health and tend to emit an unpleasant odor that can disturb the comfort of your family. Therefore, aside from taking out the trash regularly, you also need to find the best way to get rid of the smell from the trash.

What you can do to get rid of bad odors from the trash is by putting lemon peels in the trash. Lemon peels are the best natural deodorizer that can help to neutralize unpleasant odors that may circulate in your house, particularly in your trash can.

Keeping your home kitchen clean and healthy is not difficult to do. You just have to follow the cleaning instructions that we have written below. 

If you are too busy with other activities and do not have proper time to take care of the kitchen, you can hire professional Singapore part time maids to help you out. Jeopardizing yourself and your family’s health is never the answer. Thus, no matter what the situation is, find ways to make sure your house, especially the kitchen area, is thoroughly clean.