Everything You Need to Know About Ford Vehicle Order Tracking

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, but waiting for it to arrive can be stressful. With Ford’s vehicle order tracking, however, you can monitor your vehicle’s progress from the factory to your driveway. This article will provide an overview of Ford’s vehicle order tracking system, how it works, and what you can expect during the process.

What is Ford Vehicle Order Tracking?

Ford vehicle order tracking is a system that allows customers to track their vehicle order from the time it is placed to the moment it arrives at the dealership. The system is designed to provide transparency and peace of mind to customers who are eagerly awaiting their new vehicle. With Ford vehicle order tracking, customers can track the progress of their order in real-time, which helps to eliminate uncertainty and reduce stress.

How Does Ford Vehicle Order Tracking Work?

When a customer places an order for a new Ford vehicle, they will receive a vehicle order number. This number is essential as it is used to track the progress of the order. Customers can access their order status by visiting Ford’s website and entering their order number into the vehicle order tracking tool. The tool will provide an update on the vehicle’s progress through the various stages of production, including:

  • Order Placed: Once the order is placed, it is assigned a unique order number that is used to track the vehicle’s progress.
  • Order Confirmation: After the order is placed, the dealer will confirm the order details with the customer, and the order will be processed.
  • Scheduled for Production: At this stage, the vehicle has been assigned a production date, and the production process has begun.
  • In Production: The vehicle is being built, and various components are being added to it. This stage can take several weeks, depending on the complexity of the vehicle.
  • Built: Once the vehicle has been assembled, it undergoes a series of quality checks before being shipped to the dealership.
  • Shipped: The vehicle is loaded onto a carrier and transported to the dealership.
  • Delivered: The vehicle has arrived at the dealership and is ready for delivery to the customer.

By using the vehicle order tracking tool, customers can get real-time updates on their vehicle’s progress through each of these stages.

What Can You Expect During the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking Process?

The Ford vehicle order tracking process typically takes between six to twelve weeks, depending on the vehicle’s complexity and production schedule. During this time, customers can expect regular updates on their vehicle’s progress. Ford will also notify customers of any significant changes in the vehicle’s status, such as delays or production issues.

Customers can also use the vehicle order tracking tool to make changes to their order, such as adding or removing features, up until the production process begins. However, once the vehicle is in production, changes may be limited or impossible to make.


Ford vehicle order tracking is an essential tool for customers who are eagerly awaiting their new vehicle. With real-time updates on the vehicle’s progress, customers can have peace of mind and eliminate uncertainty during the waiting period. By understanding how the vehicle order tracking system works, customers can take advantage of its features and make changes to their order as needed. With Ford vehicle order tracking, buying a new car has never been easier.