Where does will one get To Purchase a Defense Base Act Insurance?

If you are an employee under the government’s defense contractor team, and accidentally become injured or wounded, you can apply for a defense base act claim. The claim will work as a compensation for the injuries you got while working and it will be a great way to keep you employed. This means you will keep receiving money from the insurance company for your medical expenses and treatment, until you are back on track.
The claim is available to all the employees working as a civilian or the military. However, in order to make the claim, it will not be easy to do it all by yourself, as the insurance companies will not hear you out. You will need a strong support, which will help you fight for your rights, and the Capron & Avgerinos law firm will be at your service. They will help you by taking all the legal documents, going through the course of paperwork, and attach all the important documents so that they can represent it to the court. The lawyers will work hard, in order to give you what is rightfully yours.
Who are the individuals that receive the claim?
All the subcontractors and contractors under the US law is required to carry compensation for workers while working overseas and in the country. Individuals who are working overseas and accidentally get injured or wounded will receive a defense base act insurance claim when they are under the US government agencies and the military.
Individuals who are injured and meet the criteria will surely receive the benefits regardless of the duty they perform, and the country they belong to. There are many professions, under which the defense base act provides a claim for the individuals. They are:

  • Canine handlers
  • Firefighters
  • Construction engineers
  • Electricians
  • Tower and base security
  • Cultural advisors
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Flight attendants
  • Interpreters
  • Food service workers

There are many other professions which the defense base act insurance covers, and in order to receive the rightful claim, it is requested that you join hands with an attorney. The Capron & Avgerinos will provide you with professional and high quality lawyers; who will guide you and advice you step-by-step in order to proceed with your claim. Based on their experience and knowledge, they will advise you to seek medical attention immediately the moment you are injured.
You need to inform your employer regarding your issue in writing within a 30-day time, as the DBA follows a strict time limitation. It is compulsory for you to make your claim within a year. This is because the compensation is made and determined according to the time you were injured and your weekly average wage.
Importance of hiring a defense base act lawyer
In order to receive compensation for your injury while working for the government, making the claim all by yourself will not be easy. This is because there are tons of procedures you need to follow, and piles of paperwork to go through.
That is why, when you hire a good attorney, who is an expert in dealing with such cases, will be the right choice for you. This is because they know all the insights of the defense base act and they will work according, by doing proper planning and present it to the court.
The lawyer will take care of all the documentation and paperwork, and you do not have to worry about it. The lawyers will make sure to come in terms with the insurance company, so that your compensation for injuries is handed over to you.
Choose the best law firm
If you are tired of running around the insurance companies to help you in processing the claims, look up to the leading and well-known law firm and let them help you. They will appoint you with one of their best attorneys so that you receive the right, which is legally yours.