Why Are Lavazza Coffee Beans the #1 Italian Choice

Coffee is undoubtedly the most-loved beverage across the globe. With the ever-increasing number of coffee shops and coffee chains in the US and throughout the world over the last decade, it has become pretty difficult to distinguish a great cup of coffee from a horrible one. People generally pick their coffee on the basis of either brand flavor. But do you know the best coffee is the one made from the best coffee beans and of course, the best espresso machines.

You don’t need those awful additives like creams, artificial sweeteners, or syrups to give your coffee any flavor. The best whole bean coffee would be enough in itself! Surely, there are coffee shops that have spent years in offering different types of coffee to their customers and popular for their taste. However, there are many more varieties of coffee from far ends of the world. African to American, Latin to Italian, and many more – coffee beans are known to vary in flavor and texture depending on the region they are cultivated.

You will definitely find some of the yummiest flavors favored by the big-bannered coffee companies, yet original coffee bean companies are still known for offering the most original flavors.

Given that, do you also have that urge to try the luxurious taste of Italian ground coffee? The leading espresso beans and espresso roasting company of Italy – Lavazza, has taken the market by storm with its ultra-delicious and authentic Italian coffee. The reason?

Well, Lavazza coffee beans are perfectly roasted and flaunt a light flavor that lets coffee chains customize it other flavors and is less bitter. It is available in different roasts such as Gold Selection, Super Creama (or Lavazza Bar), Lavazza Grand, Pienaroma, and Top Class.

Here’s a brief introduction of different roasting blend of Lavazza ground coffee. Take a look:

Super Creama

This variety of Lavazza coffee is a whole bean type. Lavazza Bar is the espresso ground coffee choice of the same bean. The roast is simply creamy as the name suggests, smooth, and brags a bold flavor.


Favored the most by espresso shot drinkers, this coffee roast has a different fanbase than the regular one.

Lavazza Grand

It is yet another whole bean coffee, with the In Blue type being the espresso ground form of the same. The roast is creamy in texture and gives a bold edge. Many coffee drinkers prefer the In Blue espresso ground coffee for its rich taste and powerful punch.

Gold Selection

The gold selection roast is considered to have the most flavors and that’s the reason it is top favorite of so many coffee drinkers around the world.

Top Class

The roast is comparatively darker, hence the perfect option for milk-based drinks, lattes, etc. several coffee chains prefer the Top Class variety of Lavazza for its multipurpose use in making utterly delicious beverages.

These are just the top five roasting blends of Lavazza coffee beans. You will find many more interesting options that are prevalent in different parts of the world. In appearance, the Italian coffee beans look much the same as regular coffee beans that are sold at your nearby grocery stores. The big difference lies in the origin and the roast. The coffee beans grown in Italy tend to have a bold rich; however, creamy flavor to them that are more than enough to make you go gaga over these.

The best thing is, you have the full authority to blend them and make the perfect coffee for you, your guests, or your business. Options are many and the choice is all yours!

Apart from that, with the correct espresso machine at our service, you can enjoy aromas and flavors that you could never have imagined in your everyday coffee. When you search for the best whole bean coffee, chances are Lavazza will be at the top of all. And there’s no denial why.

If you have been longing for the perfect Italian coffee bean to brew in your espresso machine, then Lavazza is definitely the type of coffee beans you need! Not only Americans, the coffee bean type is loved and demanded in different parts of the planet for its unmatchable flavor and taste.

Furthermore, the days are long gone when you would have to only think of enjoying coffee beans from other nation or region. Now, you can easily find various online stores dealing in different varieties of coffee beans grown across the globe. Whatever type of Lavazza coffee bean you need, whichever roast you prefer – you can have it all!

The good thing about buying your Italian ground coffee or whole bean coffee online is you get to choose from different options. Lately, so many web-based food stores have come to limelight, offering you a wonderful collection of Italian snacks, foods, coffee, cookies – you name it, you have it! So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite Lavazza roast today and sip the perfect cup of coffee!