Winters Preparations: Finding a Reliable Vendor to Avail Quality Firewood

Stocking of firewood is the first requirement to prepare for the chilling weather of winters. It is a traditional way to insulate your home or workplace. If you are living in a small town or village, it is very easy to arrange the stock without requiring any help. However, people of cities struggle a lot in finding a reliable vendor of firewood. Coal is an alternative but not equivalent to the heat intensity of wood. Some vendors sell inferior quality firewood that creates a lot of hassle while burning. Generally, most of the people cannot identify the difference between a well seasoned and moist wood. Consequently, they end up with a wrong deal that spoils the entire experience of winters. The information available in this article will surely guide you in buying good quality firewood.
How to find a vendor of good quality firewood?
1) Try to find local references
If it is winter, your neighbors must be arranging firewood. They may have contact of a reliable vendor who supplies good quality firewood. It is the easiest way to aval firewood of great quality without confusing in multiple online portals. The local references are also easy to approach; thus it creates mutual trust.
2) Always go with the option of hard firewood
Although some soft firewoods also burn efficiently, why take the risk if you can get a better option. Try to find a vendor who only deals in hard firewood. For your information, here are some names of firewoods that come in this category:-
Maple wood
While ordering a cord, ask them about the species of wood they are going to supply you. Search that particular wood online to know its texture, density & efficiency of burning. The fibers of hard firewood are tightly packed. Consequently, they take a long time to exhaust completely. Also, good quality firewood produces high flame and low smoke.
3) Only seasoned wood
Seasoned wood is an ideal choice for efficient burning because it has the lowest level of moisture. There are two methods of seasoning, either expose to the direct sunlight for a few months or dry it in kilns. The kiln seasoning is a quick way of drying wood internally. However, its cost is also higher than the naturally seasoned wood.
4) Practically measure the moisture level
Never trust the verbal commitments of the vendor. Ask the vendor of maple or ironbark firewood for sale in Austral to deliver the stock along with moisture meter. It helps in identifying whether the firewood is well seasoned or not. The acceptable moisture level in firewood is 20 to 25%. Measure the moisture in front of the delivery person and accept the order after satisfying completely.
5) Ask for delivering in cord
A cord is the most appropriate unit of delivering firewood because you can measure the quantity dimension wise. Buying the firewood in kilograms might be riskful because some vendors sell moist ironbark wood for burning in order to increase the weight. Consequently, you will get the wood stock that emits suffocating smoke rather than fire. The dimensions of a cord are four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.). After receiving the consignment, measure it thoroughly to make sure that you are not fooled by the vendor.
The information available in the above points will definitely help you in identifying a right cord for upcoming winters.