That feeling when you know soon your new journey of parenthood is going to start, gives tremendous cheerfulness which nothing else in the world can give. A baby shower event especially symbols your celebration for your baby-to-be and mark his/ her to be arrival. A décor that stands out is the best way to plan your baby shower either being organized by a host or you organizing the auspicious event. There can be a hell of a lot of things to be managed from baby shower decoration items to baby shower decoration ideas such as invitation, food and the best part is the theme itself. 
Nothing else in the world can give you that sweetest feeling when you look at your baby bump and know that the baby is half of you and half of your partner, a symbol of your love! We have come up with so many fantastic, superb exciting, and amazing themes for your baby shower which we have rounded up so that you can plan your special occasion without any hassle and goof up. We know you might need some breath-taking inspiration to plan your day. We promise at the end of this write-up, you will be thanking us for helping you out to throw a glamorous and budget-friendly memorable shower!
Pick a Color Theme
For the mom-to-be and the baby that is yet to come, pick a color that suits the baby shower decoration event. You can go with a particular theme as well as a color theme as well. There are many ranges of baby shower decoration items available in the market. You can go for some baby shower banners, photo-shoot props, and confetti balloons that can be hanged on walls or left floating in the air. The party color theme and the dress code color can complement each other.
As the name suggests, you can organize a bee themed baby shower which shows gender neutral baby shower. The party space can be vibrant due to yellow, white, and black colors. Simple yet elegant and classy, the table setting with plate detailing, fresh flowers, and balloons can add perfection to the celebration. 
Rainbow Theme
As the name Rainbow suggests vibrant colors, try to bring colors to the life of the mom-to-be with the rainbow-themed party. Colors symbolize prosperity, happiness, and joy.  Set the stage with rainbow colors, get colorful foods if possible, and add some balloons and other baby shower decoration items to make the day perfect. 
Traditional Theme
India is rich in culture and tradition, so, why not blend the tradition in the baby shower day? This sounds so cool right. Let the modern and cool set up leave behind and step for the traditional setup this time. You can arrange the decoration accordingly and especially dress up mom-to-be in ethnic wear. You can also keep the Indian ethnic attire as the dress code for the guests. Don’t forget about the invitation card. You can get it designed which looks classy and traditional too!
White Themed Baby Shower
White is the symbol of purity and innocence. Let’s celebrate your baby shower with the purity and innocence of your baby’s arrival. The decoration can be done accordingly. You can combine golden or other colors with the theme as well. The theme will make the space look very elegant and classy and we bet your guests will be breath-taken seeing your arrangements.
Floral Theme
You can select a range of flowers for your party decoration. It can be real flowers as well as artificial ones according to your budget and choice. Get some favorite flowers of the mom-to-be and manage to decorate the walls and ceiling with them. We bet she will love this arrangement. You can try some classy floral table cloths and add diffusers to make the surrounding air more soothing.
Pastel Themed Baby Shower
Nowadays pastels are so much in trend. The colors look super vibrant and elegant that no one can say no to the theme. From colors to decors, pastel colors make the thing to go for and make the occasion more luxurious, classy, and high-end. You can arrange the special day with some baby shower decorations that are a mix of pastel color ranges. They can be some confetti balloons to the wall hanging decorative items as well. 
Vintage Themed Baby Shower 
Laces, pearls, and other vintage elements do really speak to the love of a mom for crafting, keeping antiques safe, and thrifting! This can give an amazing throwback after years when you remember the celebration. Get a customized antique themed decorated cake at its best and arrange some rustic chairs and tables too.
Baby under Construction!
As your baby is yet to come and is under construction to be on its way to see the world, you can really go for this exciting theme for your baby shower. Focus on the arrival of the new born while keeping the decoration of the space beautiful. Get a personalized postcard and stick on the walls too.
Spice & Dessert
Keep the food theme of the party which consists of the menu mentioning the range of food that ranges from spicy food, neutral snacks to sugary desserts. Your guests will be excited to explore the menu. Decorate the party venue with some exciting baby shower decoration items to make it more memorable.
Did you find the above-given baby shower decorations ideas relatable and exciting? You can pick any of the listed ideas to make your day more memorable. Picking any theme can be tricky and full of confusion so without any dilemma, you can go for any theme as they are unique, classy, and best for the budget.  You can add your creativity and ideas to the given idea to make it more fabulous. 

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