As we all know corona has taken the world by storm, spreading from one country to another it became a global pandemic and people were really scared. Social distancing was one major perseverance from the virus. This affected not only the world as a whole but destroyed every individual’s daily routine. This pandemic also resulted in lockdown due to which inter and intra city travelling was strictly prohibited. The pandemic largely influenced the economy and finances.All the industries just crashed down. Just like the sports industry was affected really badly by the global pandemic, some athletes did appear covid 19 positives. You can get all the information at We are listing some major names that came under the radar of coronavirus and their status.

  • Elham Sheikhi (Iranian women’s futsal national team) DEAD
  • Von Miller (American football outside linebacker) SURVIVED
  • Radhi DEAD
  • Paulo Dybala (Argentine player with Juventus)SURVIVED
  • Ben O’Donnell (Rugby Player) SURVIVED
  • Tsang Yee-ting (Hong Kong Karate) SURVIVED
  • Francisco Garcia (Spanish Football Coach) DEAD
  • Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah (Somali Former Footballer) DEAD
  • Hamsakoya (Maharashtra Former Footballer) DEAD
  •  Zafar Sarfraz (Former Pakistani first-class cricketer) DEAD
  • Chetan Chauhan (Ex Indian Cricketer) DEAD

The list goes on. A lot of cases were not registered as the families of the patients were scared in the initial spread of the virus. Losing any athlete is a huge drawback to the respective country. These athletes are the ones that take the pride of the country to different levels and with honour represent their country globally. The loss is huge. No matter if the player is former, veteran, current, young, they all add up to be the gems of their countries. Corona has overall drained the sports sector, not only financially but health wise and fitness wise. Some were lost fighting corona, others who suffered corona are still recovering from its aftereffects.