3 Cosmetic Surgeries for Reshaping Your Breasts

Do you have too large, too small or abnormally shaped breasts? Don’t worry, you are not alone. These are the common problems among more than 70% of ladies. It is a scientific fact that females always remain highly concerned about the size and shape of their breasts. It is like a prestige issue and directly concerned with their confidence. It is seen that ladies dissatisfied with their breast’s size and shape also lose their confidence. If you are also one of them, we have some reliable solutions. It’s not like any temporary enhancement with extra padded and push up bras. We are talking about a surgical procedure to customize your breasts as per expectation. There are different surgeries available for breast enhancement, reduction and reshaping. Gain some knowledge about all of them before approaching a plastic surgeon. 

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation means enhancing the size according to your expectations. If your breast’s growth is not according to age, augmentation can help in improving the size. There are two types of fillers preferred by plastic surgeons for breast augmentation i.e. 

  1. Saline water
  2. Silicon

Both of them are skin-friendly e substances used by surgeons to fill the breasts. Saline water is recommended for 18-year-old girls. On the other hand, silicon is the best filler for ladies above 21 years. Most of the surgeons prefer silicone because it is long-lasting and gives a more natural look. They make micro incisions to add the fillers and stitch the skin.

Breast reduction 

Not everyone is worried about the small size of their breasts, some ladies also need help in reducing the size. Large size breasts also become a big problem especially when you feel difficulty while walking climbing stairs or doing any intense physical workout. The large size of the breast also results in back pain and breathing problems. In order to reduce the size, breast surgery experts prefer liposuction. This surgical procedure involves a cannula capable of removing fat cells from your breasts. 

Breast lift 

Sagging breasts is also a big issue especially among newly become mothers and old age ladies. If you are struggling hard to keep your best in the right position with push up bras, visit a breast surgery clinic as soon as possible. Just like the facelift surgery, they lift up your breasts and remove extra tissues. After stitching back, it hardly takes a month to disappear all stitching scars. 
Apart from these 3 cosmetic surgeries, reconstructive surgery is also preferred in some serious cases. If your breasts are partially damaged due to any severe disease like cancer, reconstructive surgery can help in giving them a proper shape. Surgeons use tissues from other parts of the body to reconstruct your breasts and then fill them with fillers like saline water or silicon. 
After breast surgery, you will feel more confident and can wear all of your favorite costumes comfortably. These surgeries are not only meant for looks enhancement purposes but also keep you safe from various abnormalities. Always prefer a certified plastic surgery clinic that is taking complete responsibility.