4 Ways to Pamper Your AC before Summer Takes it Toll

Air conditioner units are what drive our life during summers, and these days no one can underestimate the importance of these machines to combat the scorching sun. On the arrival of summers when you think of power on your AC, there are a few things that must be unforgettably considered to enjoy chilled and comfortable summers. Read on to stay informed-

  1. Deep clean the condenser unit

A large number of people utilize condenser covers when the AC is not in use, and on the arrival of summers, they remove the cover the power on the machine. This is purely a wrong approach. Ideally, the condenser unit must be deep cleaned using clean water and gentle soap. When the cleaning is done, check the machine for any crack or leak is also suggested.

  1. Clean the air filters

Proper cleaning of the air filters ensures better circulation of cool air. Even a little issue with air filter can reward you with so much of unexpected sweating surprise. In some cases, you might need to change the filters if found damaged.

  1. Check the indoor unit

When things like cleaning and replacing are done in the outside unit, it’s now time to have a minute check into the indoor unit. There are times when any inefficiency in the indoor unit can be a prime cause of poor cooling. Therefore check the indoor unit for cracks and other related issues.

  1. Air conditioning system tune-up

Before you turn on your AC for the first time after the arrival of summer, a complete air conditioning system tune-up is all that you need to avoid issues, and also to save money which you would be spending later on major repair issues.
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