The Road to a Smooth and Silky Hair

If you belong to a category or girls who have that long and dizzy hair, then you might be aware on how difficult managing your hair can be. The levels of humidity could cause issue with the overall make f your hair. The use of ketomac shampoo hair loss is a measure that can curb these issues.
How to take care of soft and oily hair

  • The hair has to be washed with cold water. In case if you are planning to wash your hair with warm water then rinse it off with cold water towards the end as a final step
  • The comb has to be wide teethed as the ones with wide teeth are going to cause less damage. This would prevent the hair from breaking
  • Do oil your hair a couple of times during the week
  • It is better to use coconut or olive oil. Even the essential oils like lavender can provide much value added benefits
  • Opt for hot oil treatments as it can lead to better blood circulation paving way for better hair growth
  • The choice of a proper hair shampoo and conditioner has to be spot on. For example you can resort to the use of anti dandruff Shampoo ketomac which helps to cope up with dandruff. The choice of both of them relates to the type of scalp. In case if you have an oily hair, choose a shampoo that aligns with the hair type.
  • A proper and healthy diet is important
  • You need to stay away from heating appliances, like hair dryers and curling irons
  • Keep away from hair products that are free from harsh chemicals
  • The choice of a proper hairstyle combats the issue of hair loss and prevents damaged hair. do not resort to the use of an elastic bandage which could lead to breakage

Home remedies for dealing with rough and oily hair
Hair mask of egg
To a couple of teaspoons of honey and olive oil mix one egg. You need to beat the mixture till it becomes uniform. Apply it for a clean scalp and hair. You should leave the mask for a couple of hours and then rinse it off with a shampoo and conditioner. Egg is a vital source of various minerals and vitamins whereas honey helps to retain the natural sheen of your hair.
The moment you need to cope up with issue of dandruff you need to follow a regular hair care regime. Make it a point that you wash your hair a couple of times in the week with cold water. With coconut oil you can moisture your hair once in a week. There are a host of natural remedies that you can try in your home like apple cedar vinegar etc.
In case if you have gone on to resort to various home remedies and necessary results have not been obtained, it would be better if you could examine your hair by a hair specialist. They are going to diagnose the issue in a proper manner.