5 Bed Bugs Hiding Places You Never Expect

Every one of us knows about or has experienced bed bugs in all their annoying glory. Their bites can keep even the tightest sleepers awake most nights. Yet, not many actually see bed bugs. These silent stealthy creepers find ways to hide where you don’t expect them. Also, bed bugs hiding places can be so extreme that they can be hiding in front of you without you knowing at all.
In Canada, pest control Vancouver and all other regions services take good care of these pesky creatures. However, if you can find out their usual hiding places, all this can be done by your own self. Also, it may not be an easy task to exactly identify bed bugs hiding places at all. Here are five of the most hidden bed bugs hiding places most of us don’t know about:

Stuffed Animals

If you have kids in the house, surely there are stuffed animals there too. Some homeowners also like their stuffed animals’ decorative pieces too. Whichever the case maybe, stuffed animals are big bed bug attractors. Bed bugs actually like such soft and dark places.
For bed bugs hiding places, stuffed animals aren’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Right in front of your eyes, there might be bed bugs hiding. Also, you can be moving the stuffed animals around without realizing they contain bed bugs.
Also, your kid might get some fluffy stuffed animal gifted by a neighbor. You’d never know which one contains bed bugs as well. Try to disinfect any stuffed animals before they enter the house and also redo this regularly. This can stop bed bugs from infiltrating your home.

School Buses – Bags – Home

Surprisingly, studies have found school buses to be some of the biggest means of transports for bed bugs as well. They mostly reside in the seat foams of school buses. Since, school buses very seldom get cleaned inside out, seat cushions and foams almost never get sunlight as well.
This always dark and somewhat humid environment of school buses seat foams works perfectly for bed bugs. These bed bugs hiding places also play a vital role in transporting them across different houses. Bugs easily get attached with kid’s clothing and bags traveling into home spaces.
Not many people actually can think of school buses when it comes to bed bugs. The only way around this is to plan your kid’s school travelling carefully. Opting for alternate transports might be the best way to go. No parents can guarantee school bus disinfection at all times.

Purses and Bags

Women’s purses, large carrying bags and every other similar thing can be perfect bed bugs transport means. Especially for new purchased bags and purses that spend quite a while on shelves, these become perfect bed bugs hiding places. Foam and softness of bags and purses invites long-time bed bugs stays.
Be sure to disinfect every new bag or purse that you purchase from the market. Bags and purses places near furniture around furniture can easily transfer bed bugs to different places as well. Take as much precaution as you can to not let these infiltrate your home.
This is another one of bed bugs hiding places that not many people never expect. Since bed bugs are tiny, you can even clean a purse or bag without getting to bugs at all. Bugs often rest inside the layers of your bags or purses where no light or human contact can reach easily.

Shopping Brought in the Home

Shopping including clothing, cardboard boxes and many other things can also be responsible for transporting bed bugs. Anything quite sizable that has layers in which daylight and fresh air don’t reach, can accommodate bed bugs. Bed bugs hiding places can be many more than you’d happen to think.
It is also very difficult for people to disinfect all their purchased goods before they enter the home too. However, do what you can to guarantee bed bugs safety through shopping that comes in the house. Statistics have shown shopping to be one of the top factors contributing to bed bugs spreading.
Use bug disinfectant sprays as frequently as you can on shopping bags and all purchased goods. Once a few bed bugs enter your home, they will run the property over rapidly. Be sure to call a pest control Abbotsford or any other area service if this is the case.

Under Carpet Spaces

Last but certainly not the least bed bugs hiding places on our list is under carpets. Rugs and carpets in rooms that don’t get moved and cleaned under a lot can hide a large colony of bed bugs. The dust and dark can attract bed bugs and also support their population growth as well.
This is one of the easier bed bugs hiding places to control as well. You can sweep, clean and disinfect your under-carpet spaces every day. Use bug disinfectants to guarantee safety from these. Don’t let their populations grow to large numbers.
Carpets in humid spaces including basements, attics and others are particularly more susceptible to bed bugs. Make sure to do what needs to be done and stop them from surrounding your property. If however, the situation gets out of hand, be sure to call your local pest control services anytime.