7 Tips to for Pet Friendly Homes That Also Look Good

Pet friendly homes are a necessity for homeowners that make pets their family members. Dogs, cats, hamsters and many other pets are essential parts of many families. Yet, making your home fully pet friendly is not something many people pay attention to.
Also, when you do not have pet friendly homes, your beloved pets can injure themselves. Training dogs or cats to work their way safely around an unsafe house never works out well. Whether it is window coverings or your flooring, everything needs to be optimized for pets.
Here are some tips for pet friendly homes that would help make your space safe for any cats, dogs or other pets in the house:

1: Choose Your Flooring Correctly

Flooring is one of the most important aspects for pet friendly homes or the lack there of. Get too slippery floors and your dogs and cats will not be able to commute easily. When you have uneven flooring, they are likely to fall all over the place. Hurting an ankle or leg is quite possible for pets.
Especially for pet spaces, it is necessary to get floors that they’ll like to walk and rest on. Dogs and cats have certain preferences on the types of floors to sleep on as well. Be sure to consult pest expert before finalizing that flooring for your home. Floors that look good and are pet friendly make great options.

2: Select Pet Friendly Homes Window Treatments

Window treatments like blinds and drapes are very important. Sharp edged blinds are always injury risks for cats and dogs. Pets always like to peak through windows. When they have sharp windows blinds to look through, this can become a problem very soon as injuries can occur.
Roller window blinds are often quite safe for pets. They allow pets to move behind them easily. Compared to say metal venetians or wooden blinds, rollers don’t have sharp edges at all. Neat vertical blinds are great options for pet friendly homes as well.
You cannot use window treatments that are too soft and can get damaged easily by pets too. Floor reaching drapes and curtains will almost certainly get attacked and damaged. Find that middle ground to get pet friendly homes with window coverings.

3: Choose Synthetic Easy to Clean Rugs

Floor rungs always make it easy for pets to walk and sleep on. During winter, naked flooring can get pretty cold. Even for hairy cats or dogs, the cold of winter can be too much to handle. What you can do to negate that is use synthetic easy to clean floor rugs.
Your pet areas and spaces must have some type of floor rugs on them to make for pet friendly homes. Doing this, you will also not need dedicated housing for that adorable dog or cat in the house. They would be able to rest and sleep on that soft synthetic rug that is also easy to clean.

4: Make the Space Cozy and Sleep Friendly

Additional to that synthetic rug, you can do lots of other things to make your home easy to sleep in for pets. Lay small soft foam like floor coverings that are available easily in the market. Also, you can get pet beds that don’t take too much space in any room and make for a good home accessory as well.
Making pet friendly homes is all about providing easy to sleep and rest places for those beloved cats and dogs. Whichever pets you have, it is humane to take care of them as much as possible. Make floors soft and provide enough soft sleepy corners in the home for your pets.

5: Do Away with Sharp Objects

Sharp objects of many different kinds are pretty common in homes. You can manage pet friendly homes by eliminating as much of these as possible. Most pets will not know their way around sharp objects. From any wooden window blinds to your out of place door closers, many things can become hazards.
It is important to manage your kitchen utensils as well. Cats often wonder around in kitchen sinks and cupboards as well. Any sharp knives can cause unwanted cuts when you don’t store them safely. Inspect your furniture often for any sharp edges or lose pieces that can cause injury to pets as well.

6: Keep Electric Wirings and Boards Well Sealed

Electric wiring and boards are some of the biggest life risks for pets like cats, dogs, hamsters and others. exposed wiring will almost always be played with or worse chewed on by pets. Current and electricity running through these wirings and boards can do much damage for pets.
It is important to conceal away your electric wiring. If you have to have exposed wiring, make sure to have it running very close to walls. This way, pets won’t be able to get a good bite on wiring. Keep your boards away from reach of your pets as well. Pet friendly homes need to have all risks removed.

7: Keep It Clean and Organized

Pets can also get tangled up in clutter. Not only can they harm themselves but can also damage all those things and belongings that may not be organized. Make sure to store everything in its right place. Eliminate as many trip hazards for dogs and cats as you possibly can.
When running, especially dogs can trip over stuff. Some dogs are also clumsier than others. Make sure to have your stuff and belongings well organized. Also clean your surfaces as well. Pet friendly homes should also not have any viruses or bacteria on surfaces that can cause health risks.