6 Must-Haves for a Solo Bike Ride

Want to have fun with just you and your motorcycle? As you get going, you will realize that there is nothing like the freedom that comes with a solo bike ride. No set plans, no asking anyone anything! It’s just about you, your heart, and your spirit of adventure. Truly, solo riding is more about finding yourself than about spanning distances. So whenever you go out on a solo bike ride, follow your heart and do every possible thing that it tells you to!

Having said that, it is also extremely essential to ensure your own safety and well-being in the midst of such a fun-filled adventure. No point losing your mind completely in the pursuit of solo fun! Hence, keep your mind in place and think about what items you must carry while on your solo trip. Also, it’s about your overall fitness and mental strength which could make or break your solo bike riding experience.
To help you get started, here is a list of 6 must-haves for a comfortable and fun-filled solo bike ride:

1. Exercise and Healthy Living – Whoever said “Health is Wealth”, is probably the wisest person on earth! Only a sound physical and mental health can buy you true happiness. For long-distance road trips, you need plenty of physical stamina, and, especially when you are all by yourself, sound mental strength becomes a key requirement. Healthy living or a healthy lifestyle makes any difficult undertaking seem achievable, so why would a solo bike ride be an exception to this fact? On a daily basis, eat healthy food, do exercise, and practice meditation. Such healthy living would go a long way in making your adventurous long-distance ride a truly fun-filled and smooth sailing affair!

2. A Capable Motorcycle – One of the prime essentials is a capable motorcycle, which can take you safely and comfortably across the varied terrains of the country. A touring motorcycle should be the preferred choice because it is designed to address the specific requirements of long-distance riders. A touring motorcycle has air-drag reducing features, thus offering a high degree of weather protection. Also, such a type of bike has a large-capacity fuel tank, a much more efficient engine and a more comfortable, upright seating position than sports bikes. Touring motorcycles are available for purchase with leading brands such as Harley-Davidson and BMW. Alternatively, you can rent a touring bike through a well-rated bike rental agency in your city.
3. Appropriate Riding Gear – This comprises a helmet, gloves, a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle trousers, and riding boots. Since head injuries could most likely be fatal, a certified helmet is one of the prime essentials for you.

  • Gloves made by companies like Royal Enfield, Harley-Davidson, and Triumph provide an enhanced grip while driving, and prevent abrasion injuries.
  • Motorcycle jackets have inbuilt safety features to protect the chest and back region in uncontrolled situations. A new trend of motorcycle trousers has picked up. Such type of trousers protects the thigh and the knee from injuries.
  • Riding boots offer support to the process of shifting and braking in bikes.
  • Last but not the least, a water-resistant bag is a useful item to carry necessities like torch, first-aid kit, cash, emergency beacons, etc.
  • Emergency beacons are tracking transmitters which you can use to send signals to your near and dear ones about your location anywhere on earth. For a solo bike ride, it is recommended to use a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). It is a hand-held device and sends out a radio signal when activated. This device is extremely useful in situations where you are unable to access normal emergency services, e.g. police.
  • Make sure that your first aid kit contains  sterile gauze pads, medical tape, scissors, Neosporin (antibacterial cream), alcohol wipes, instant ice pack, compression bandage, and glucose.

4. Tool Kit – The breaking of motorcycles is part of life and part of being a motorcyclist. Since your solo bike ride is bound to include remote and deserted roads, there is every possibility of your sitting helplessly on the side of the road, if your bike breaks. In order to avoid such an undesirable situation, make it a point to take a small toolkit along. In fact, a toolkit specific to your bike is as critical as your helmet.
5. Something to help you unwind after a long ride – Don’t start having crazy ideas about this must-have! Liquor is most certainly not to be consumed right before riding or during riding. However, it could be used to your benefit, of course, in a different way. For instance, if you are travelling on a cold day, then you must carry a bottle of brandy liquor with you. A brandy liquor like Remy Martin would certainly warm you up at night. Overall, long-distance driving is very tiring and after a long day of doing that, a bottle of tequila would work wonders to unwind. Don Julio tequila, produced in Mexico, is the world’s original handcrafted luxury premium tequila. This one is sure to go in your list of favourites!
6. Leather Jacket– The importance of wearing a leather jacket while riding a motorbike must be realised. Apart from looking extremely stylish, it is a vital safety measure for a rider. A proper motorbike leather jacket is well cushioned, padded and comes with integrated protectors. It provides the rider with safety in case he/ she is involved in an accident. Ensure that the jacket is well- fitted according to your body measurements. Whether you are standing or sitting, it should fit you perfectly. Before purchasing one, try it in the sitting position that you would be on your machine. Also be careful that the sleeves are long enough upto your sleeves, whether you arms are extended or folded. Jackets with zipper cuffs are always better. This way the jacket will not slip over the wrists in an accident. Covered zippers do not cause any injury. It is also possible to order a custom made motorcycle leather jacket. You can choose among various colours and styles, material, comfort level, designs etc.
There is no doubt that a solo bike ride is a picturesque experience, what with the mountainous landscapes, breathtaking valleys, and gurgling streams as your companions! This is an experience that every biker should enjoy at least once in his life. With all the must-haves taken along, nobody in the world can deprive you of this remarkable “Me” time, away from the commotion of daily life. It is guaranteed that after the ride, you will return as an entirely different person.